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Pikes Peak
Rally de Portugal 2016
Rally de Portugal 2016
live positions :
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A fresh approach to Power Stages

A fresh approach to Power Stages

The format of Power Stages is a big talking point at the moment in WRC circles. In Greece, the Power Stage which begins at 1:56pm is 30.14km in length. Sébastien Ogier, Mads Ostberg, Mikko Hirvonen and Evgeny Novikov will all...
‘Power Stages’ to stay in 2013

‘Power Stages’ to stay in 2013

Power Stages will continue to be a feature of the world championship in 2013, although the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) has made detail changes to the concept. From next season, Power Stages will need to exceed 15km in length...
SS15: No problems for Hirvonen!

SS15: No problems for Hirvonen!

Mikko Hirvonen continues to top the order for Citroën/Michelin in Sardinia. The Finn recorded a cautious ninth-fastest time to defend his lead, while attention is focusing on the close battle between Ogier (4th, Skoda/Michelin) and Atkinson (5th, Mini/Michelin) who are...

Dominique Serieys: “We want to be one of the WRC’s best three rallies…”

With the start of this year’s event fast approaching, Dominique Serieys, the man in charge of the Rallye de France, talks to Best-of-RallyLive about what’s new for 2012 and about the challenges that go hand in hand with its organisation....
Valuable points for Loeb in Monte Carlo

Valuable points for Loeb in Monte Carlo

In addition to securing his sixth Rallye Monte-Carlo success on Sunday, Sébastien Loeb also won the Power Stage to pocket a maximum harvest of 28 points. The Citroën-Michelin star couldn’t have wished for a better start to his bid to...
The Monte Carlo’s ‘Power Stage’

The Monte Carlo’s ‘Power Stage’

The fifth and final leg of the 2012 Rallye Monte-Carlo features just one short competitive section: the 5.16km Power Stage. It adds an extra day to the event which kicked off with last Tuesday’s shakedown test…...
Loeb leads into Spanish ‘Power Stage’

Loeb leads into Spanish ‘Power Stage’

Only one stage stands between Sébastien Loeb (Citroën/MICHELIN) and a seventh Rally de Espana win that would hand the French firm its… seventh Manufacturers’ title and give him a seven-point advantage over Hirvonen in the Drivers’ championship, not including their...
A classic Monte to mark its WRC comeback

A classic Monte to mark its WRC comeback

With the Rallye Monte-Carlo poised to return to the World Rally Championship fold in 2012, its organisers have revealed the route of the 80th edition. It will start in Valence....
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 14h00
    That concludes our coverage from Portugal, join again in June live from Italy for the Rally Italia Sardegna!
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h59
    Next stop on the 2016 FIA World Rally Chmpionship is Sardinia for the Rally Italia Sardegna which runs 9 - 12 May, based on the west coast of the Mediterranean island in the town of Alghero.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h48
    [SS19] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 6:50.1 - Meeke takes the rally victory - “I have to say, nearly a perfect weekend, textbook. This year is only about gathering experience but we had a good road position here. Shows that the DS3 is still a good car. For me as a driver it is another step. Really excited for 1917.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h42
    [SS19] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 6:44.3 “We had some issue again before the start. I am happy to be here to be honest.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h39
    [SS19] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 6:48.6 “Was really difficult day. Really good fun.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h37
    [SS19] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 7:12.1 - Had a spin - “I have no handbrake and on the hairpin I wanted to use, I was too fast so I did a spin… It is a very good result for us. Fabulous. It is a great surprise for us, but we work very hardball day.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h33
    [SS19] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 6:45.5 “It was a big push, I can’t do better than that. We had a good run, a couple of small mistakes but a good run.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h27
    [SS19] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 7:03.8 “Power stage was good. The weekend was good, I am happy I am back in top ten. I have to think a bit more for Sardinia to be ready.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h25
    [SS19] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 7:20.7 “First time in WRC car to first time finish WRC event. Not easy. We do it well. We see next event in Sardinia what we can do.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h22
    [SS19] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 7:14.0 “It was fun. Hopefully (celebration for the team tonight) let us wait and see!”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h15
    [SS19] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 6:49.0 “The conditions were better, but things were on the road from the last run and the two wheel drive cars. I try to push, I had an enjoyable run but not enough. It was a disaster for us again this weekend, we ran out of fuel (Yesterday), but big positives for the next one (rally).”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 13h08
    SS19, the final stage of the rally, is now live with Neuville into the stage!
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h48
    Only one more stage to go, the final stage of the rally and the power stage, SS19 Fafe (11.19-kilometres) which goes live at 12:08 local time (CET 13:08).
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h45
    [SS18] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 14:27.8 “ A lot more grip and consistent than the first run. A lot of big stuff appearing on the ground (rocks). I tried to drive round it, just trying to protect the car.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h42
    [SS18] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 14:24.5 “It was okay, good stage for us. (Has to be careful) Particularly the first part of the stage as there was a lot of rocks, but that is rally and now we have to finish.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h41
    [SS18] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 14:25.8 “I thought I hd a puncture on the front side so I took it easy on a few corners to get it to turn in. It was not really fast but I think it was an okay stage.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h40
    [SS18] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 14:31.3 “I enjoy, I push really hard. Plenty of rocks in the line so hard for the tyres.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h37
    [SS18] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 14:41.1 “It’s okay now (Handbrake). Hard stage as you have a lot of stone everywhere and I want to avoid a stone.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h33
    [SS18] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 14:33.4 “It was good run, quite okay grip, which means everything is working as it should. I can get where I want to be fighting and pushing.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h32
    [SS18] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 15:11.6 “We lost communication with the intercom. We do the pace notes by the hand, quite funny situation…”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h30
    [SS18] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 15:19.3 “Good stage, I think the stage now is dry. Try to change set-up from wet to dry. Try to go easy in the final one to finish.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h26
    [SS18] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 15: “Much better than this morning.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h19
    [SS18] #8 Stephane Lefebvre (Citroen) 14:39.3 - Round the final corner slightly wide - “Was okay. The stage was better than this morning.” - Not taking any risks, just wants to get through.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 11h05
    SS18 is now live...
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h45
    Re-run of Vieira do Minho (22.47-kilometres) is up next and SS18 goes live in approximately 20-minutes at 10:04 local time (CET 11:04)
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h39
    [SS17] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 6:51.6 “I have no change to puncture any more so I cannot go completely flat out. I try to do clean drive.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h36
    [SS17] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 6:49.2 “We just need to do the job. Was a clean stage, not as bad as the previous one. For me the jumps are different this year, we land more on the nose.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h35
    [SS17] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 6:55.9 “The road position is better at the the front. We did not take any risks we just enjoyed the stage.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h33
    [SS17] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 6:59.3 “Very hard the first time through, to know everything on this stage. Still pushing.” - Hand brake not working.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h31
    [SS17] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 6:53.7 “I think may be a little bit too sideways in a couple of places, I need to be a little bit more clean next time.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h30
    [SS17] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 6:56.3 “I thought it was a bit carefu (for the jumps)l. It is okay, it is good fun. The jumps are quite amazing, I want to go a bit faster next time.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h28
    [SS17] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 7:10.4 “It is always nice stage this one. This morning is quite early to wake-up and too much waiting, not easy to wake-up. I did it so many times, I did it okay.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h27
    [SS17] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 7:28.1 “We don’t push on the stage, too risk to attack on this stage.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h24
    [SS17] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 7:50.4 - Has a front right puncture and there may be some broken front suspension - Landed in the ditch on the final jump - “In the middle of the stage and we cut the corner and broken the wheel. On the second jump something went on the front drive.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h19
    [SS17] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) 7:13.0 “It is very good, with all the people it is a good stage. I did not see anything, I just fly! (over the jump).”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h17
    [SS17] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 6:53.0 “Driving okay, but I struggle with the car on this stage, you have to drive so much sideways.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h16
    [SS17] #8 Stephane Lefebvre (Citroen) 6:54.2 “On this one not so bad as the first one, I take big pleasure o this one.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 10h09
    SS17 is live...
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h45
    [SS16] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 14:39.5 “Quite tricky.A big section with big patches of mud. I drove a cautious stage, reasonably happy with my time, but it looks like Andreas is on a bit of a push.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h44
    [SS16] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 14:38.4 “Puncture.” - Not totally flat, slow puncture.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h41
    [SS16] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 14:29.6 “I try to drive like yesterday, trying to take advantage of the grip in places.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h39
    [SS16] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 14:50.9 “No grip, I did not make any risks. To be honest very very tough.” - He commented that he does not want to take any risks today.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h37
    [SS16] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) “I drove bad. I never did this stage, it was harder. It will be harder as I don’t know the stage.” - Trying to keep Jari-Matti Latvala behind him in the classification.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h35
    [SS16] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 14:42.8 “It is a nice stage, but I was too aggressive, the rear of the car was sliding too much, I could not get the grip in the rear, I was too aggressive. We can do some clicks so no problem.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h32
    [SS16] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 15:36.1 “The conditions were really slippery and difficult to find a rhythm as one corner was okay and the next was really slippery. The conditions are really not nice.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h30
    [SS16] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 15:38.6 “It is good. Difficult stage. We don’t want to take risks, we do it well. We enjoy a lot and take a lot of experience.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h28
    [SS16] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 15:58.8 “It was some problems, slippery on this stage and the sun has come up and you can see the road is difficult to find it.” - Car has been been firmed up on the set-up and had made it better.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h26
    [SS16] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 15:54.3 “Very slippy stage. Every corner is slippy, so much sliding. A lot of water in some areas.”
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h20
    [SS16] #8 Stephane Lefebvre (Citroen) 15:00.4 “My feeling on the stage was not so good.” - Not so happy, so is going to check the car - could be just being first on the road, as this is the first time he has had to run in this position.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h11
    The surface of SS16 Vieira do Minho (22.47-kilometres) is muddy, although the safety car that has been through commented that the test was in good condition.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h10
    Starting order today is reverse classification order with the top 14 drivers running with 2-minute intervals
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h09
    Can Kris Meeke collect his 2nd WRC victory or will the charging Frenchman, Sebastien Ogier gobble up the 31.9-second gap??
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h09
    The first stage of the day, SS16/18 Vieira do Minho (22.47-kilometres), is already underway...
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h06
    Today we have 67.32-kilometres of stages left, a loop of two stages done twice and finishing off with the power stage.
  • Sun. 22.05.2016 / 08h03
    Good morning and welcome to the final day of Rally de Portugal, round five of the FIA World Rally Championship.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 22h08
    The first stage of the day, SS16/18 Vieira do Minho (22.47-kilometres), gets underway at 07:04 local time (CET 08:04). Join us tomorrow for the final day!
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 22h06
    Can Kris Meeke collect his 2nd WRC victory or will the charging Frenchman, Sebastien Ogier gobble up the 31.9-second gap??
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 22h04
    Weather wise it is expected to be similar to today, lower temperatures with some overnight rain.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 22h03
    There is no service tomorrow until after the final stage, so the drivers will have to be careful to make their tyres last till the end.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 22h00
    Tomorrow is the final day with only 67.32-kilometres of stages left, a loop of two stages done twice and finishing off with the power stage.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h34
    That’s all the WRC cars through the final stage of the day.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h25
    [SS15] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 26:34.8 “Today we just survive. The last stage some problems. Hopefully to go to the service park.” - Leaking diff problem, some concern if he can make the 80-kiometres back to service.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h22
    [SS15] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 25:29.3 “Very good day, we are very happy. We are fast in this stage but the time is not very good.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h18
    [SS15] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 26:02.4 “No big drama, but we are bit struggling with the grip on the second loop. On this one we have a lot of wheel spin.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h16
    [SS15] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 25:09.3 “I have been trying things with the tyres and I think we can be positive for the day. (Tomorrow) May be a little bit more speed.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h14
    [SS15] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 25:17.3 “We find the pace but we are not fastest enough. We need to improve the car a little bit in some places. Difficult with it really slippery.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h12
    [SS15] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 25:07.6 “It has been a good day. This stage I should have have the soft tyres, it was so loose, I was just spinning on the front. Okay, a clean stage. I think everything is possible (to catch Ogier), we will for sure give it a go.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h11
    [SS15] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 25:29.0 “The driving is very good so I am happy with that. The pace notes are working really well, I am driving on my limit. I am surprised we are losing so much time.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 19h09
    [SS15] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 25:05.0 “I did everything I could once again, but it was a terrible afternoon. The grip was terrible this afternoon. With the position I have and the loose I have on the road, I was quite unlucky with that. Also I have been unlucky with the rain, finally the rain come tomorrow after I have done my two two day’s!”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 18h56
    SS15 is now live, the last stage of the day...
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h58
    SS15 Amarante (37.67-kilometres) is next, the longest stage of the rally and the last stage of the day. SS15 is due to go live at 17:42 local time (CET 18:42)
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h56
    [SS14] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) 17:33.6 “Flat out.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h48
    [SS14] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 17:58.9 “Strange smell in the car, it is like gearbox oil. In the middle of the stage with the brakes we go to the bottom (flooring the pedal).” - Front right puncture.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h42
    [SS14] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 17:20.8 “On this one was little better. May be too hard (tyres) for these conditions, may be need to warm up a little. The second half was really good grip.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h40
    [SS14] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 16:43.5 “It was a good run, some places where is was a bit rough, some rocks. I try to take it careful.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h37
    [SS14] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 16:44.0 “I feel a little bit better. First kilometres are really very nice. I like the car in this stage. Better than before.” - Car is working well on these stages.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h35
    [SS14] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 16:39.9 “Was pushing, having fun. Once a gain really good drive, clean run. Happy with the drive, car is fantastic.” - Very happy with the tyres, puts the time down to the tyres.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h31
    [SS14] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 16:45.6 “Is second loop I struggle a lot with the grip, a lot more cleaning than this morning. The car is working well, I am happy with my drive.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h30
    SS14 is now live with drivers into the stage.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h10
    The drivers now move to SS14 Marao (26.31-kilometres) which goes live in approximately 5-minutes.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 17h01
    [SS13] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 12:19. 4 “A bit rough and a lot of stones on the road, really hard. You must be very careful.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h58
    [SS13] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 11:41.9 “A little bit safety, just difficult with two spares wheels. Quite rough in places, so I just minded myself.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h56
    [SS13] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 11:44.2 “Pretty good. Good feeling in the car this afternoon, everything is okay, I am happy.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h55
    [SS13] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) - Stopped 4.3-kilometres in from the start.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h52
    [SS13] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:35.9 - Front left wheel problem - “The last junction there was a big rut, just pushed off the rim, just on the last junction, 500m from the end. I cannot boost up my position unless someone else has problem. We are just enjoying the driving, not taking any risks.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h51
    [SS13] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:43.1 “I cannot go any faster for me it is impossible. The car is good but the Volkswagens are faster.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h50
    [SS13] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:30.2 “It was a very good stage for us, really clean and fast. Happy with that one.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h49
    [SS13] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 11:51.9 “Four wheel drive now. Pushing quite hard."
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h48
    [SS13] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 11:51.9 “Four wheel drive now. Pushing quite hard."
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h46
    [SS13] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:36.8 “A little rougher than this morning. Okay, happy with the stage.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 16h40
    SS13 is now live with drivers into the test
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h50
    There is a break now as the drivers head back for regroup and service. This afternoon we have a re-run of the loop which gets underway with SS13 Baiao (18.66 kilometres) going live at 15:32 local time (CET 16:32)
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h47
    SS12] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) - Henning is running slowly through the stage.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h45
    [SS12] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 26:12.6 “We do it well I think. We try something different, but we need more experience to drive in this way.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h44
    [SS12] #22 Jaroslav Melicharek (Ford) 27:07.1 “Long stage, very nice stage. No problem, no dramas”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h41
    [SS12] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 26:39.1 “For me it was no problem.” - Something not quite right, the traction not quite right in the rear of the car.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h39
    [SS12] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 26;26.5 “Not bad, everything is okay, we hare happy to do the first section of this day. Happy to go to service and change a few things.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h37
    [SS12] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 25:10.9 “Pretty good. Nice this morning, A lot more relaxed in the car. The stage is definitely cleaning.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h35
    [SS12] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 25:34.3 “Really comfortable. We did some good stage this morning, We decided to stay calm, to wait. We have good feeling with the car, we are very happy.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h34
    [SS12] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 26:06.5 “It’s very different than before. I lot of cars in front of me, I can understand what Ogier has to cope with. It is really slippery.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h28
    [SS12] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 25:18.4 “It was a good feeling, hard tyres on the front soft tyres on the back and it was working well. Overall a good feeling.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h26
    [SS12] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 25:29.5 “I feel I lose a bit of time in the middle. Today very slippery, no grip.” - The rear of the car is moving around more than yesterday.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h24
    [SS12] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 25:20.2 “We try to keep a good pace. This stage was not quite a good stage for me, I did not keep the pace I wanted.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h22
    [SS12] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 27:28.4 “I have front wheel drive, it was a drive shaft on the previous stage. I am quite happy with the front wheel drive.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 13h18
    [SS12] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 25:19.9 “Really good, I was on the limit, very happy with my drive. Could not do more than that.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h56
    SS12 is now live with Ogier and Ostberg into the test.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h12
    Next up is SS12 Amarante (37.67 kilometres) which is scheduled to go live at 11:52 local time (CET 12:52).
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h11
    [SS11] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) 17:53.5 “Everything is okay.” - Not happy with his pace this morning.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h10
    [SS11] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 17:36.7 “Good, I think this stage we try to push little bit. I try to brake later, not easy, but if it was easy everyone would do it. I think we do a good time.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h08
    [SS11] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) - Team confirm, broken driveshaft for Ostberg.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h07
    [SS11] #22 Jaroslav Melicharek (Ford) 18:12.8 “Very nice and smart stage. Everything is okay.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h05
    [SS11] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 17:52.0 “This stage wasn’t best for me.” - Commented that the grip was changing quite a bit.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 12h02
    [SS11] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 18:00.0 “All is okay. We touched the car with some moon rocks, but the car feeling is good.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h59
    [SS11] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 16:46.8 “I was no comfortable in this stage last with the notes.. For sure this morning there is more road cleaning.” - Happy with his stage.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h58
    [SS11] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 17:09.3 “It is incredible, I am not able to pass in the hairpin. I need to improve. I am happy, but I hope not to do more mistake on the hairpin.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h52
    [SS11] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) - Reported stopped in stage with the bonnet up.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h50
    [SS11] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 16:57.7 “It was alright, now I start to get the feeling for the driving again. I have one hard tyre, may be if I had soft tyre I would be able to get more from the road.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h49
    [SS11] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) “It was a little bit more difficult to day. The surface is more different today and the car is moving a lot. It is moving a lot so I lost time.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h49
    [SS11] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) - Reported stopped in stage.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h48
    [SS11] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 16:54.9 “We are having a good run, clean run, no mistakes, happy enough with the time. It was a tricky stage, quite slippery, the surface is so hard. Some times when you accelerate, the car just spins out, so you have to be cautious with you drive.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h48
    [SS11] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 16:54.9 “We are having a good run, clean run, no mistakes, happy enough with the time. It was a tricky stage, quite slippery, the surface is so hard. Some times when you accelerate, the car just spins out, so you have to be cautious with you drive.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h46
    [SS11] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 18:08.6 - Lost quite a bit of time to Ogier - “Some problem with the drive line somewhere, I have no idea. Braking into some corners at the beginning of the stage there was a strange noise, does not sound too good.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h25
    [SS10] #10 Kevin Abbring (Hyundai) - Reported stopped in stage, hit a rock.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h25
    SS11 is now live...
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h23
    [SS10] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) 12:29.5 “Everything is okay and I just try to go through the stages. Just checking the pace notes.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h20
    [SS10] #22 Jaroslav Melicharek (Ford) 12:43.5 “Good condition, everything okay. Still learning.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h17
    [SS10] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 12:18.2 “It was really nice, good stage, I hope it stays the same for the second loop. A good start this morning.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h15
    [SS10] #18 Valeriy Gorban (Mini) 12:23.3 “Everything is okay, very tricky stage. Drama every stage.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h12
    [SS10] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 11:35.4 “Quite a bit of cleaning in here, a lot more grip than I expected. We continue like this. Certainly cleaning. I am happy.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h10
    [SS10] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 11:42.1 “Sometimes I was a little bit slide and not n the good line. A good time.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h08
    [SS10] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 12:10.3 “The grip was changing again, was really tricky last kilometres (poor grip).”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h05
    [SS10] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:47.0 “First time for me through this stage. Did not feel comfortable, not happy with my driving, the speed is not what I want.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h02
    [SS10] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:50.2 “We had a different choice, I had one hard tyre on the car and it was not working on this stage, it was quite slippy still.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 11h01
    [SS10] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:49.2 “I lost a lot of time in this stage, I do no understand, had a good feeling. It is strange, very narrow.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 10h59
    [SS10] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:41.1 “I am sick and tired of going slow. It was a good stage. The car is awesome today, I feel comfortable. Small changes here and there and it has made a difference.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 10h58
    [SS10] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 12:02.9 “Quite slippery in there. I got use to a little bit of normal gearing yesterday and now it is horrible.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 10h57
    [SS10] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) is through the first stage, SS10 Baiao (18.66-kilometres) - ”It is really dry and the cleaning effect is not so good for me this morning. I was hoping for a little more dampness, but not a bad stage for me. Just keep the best you have with the condition you have.”
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 10h53
    Weather is cooler today is very different from yesterday, cooler with a high of 18ºC and a 80% chance of rain. The rain is going to bring a really view on things…
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 10h52
    Today is the longest day for the rally with a total stage distance of 165.28-kilometres and comprising of a loop of three stages done twice. The day opens with SS10/13 Baiao (18.66 kilometres), followed by SS11/14 Marao (26.31-kilometres) and finished off by SS15 Amarante which is the longest stage of the rally.
  • Sat. 21.05.2016 / 10h49
    Good morning and welcome to day 2 of Rally de Portugal, round five of the FIA World Rally Championship.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 23h15
    This concludes our coverage for today, join us tomorrow for more live commentary from the Rally de Portugal when the first stage of the day goes live at 09:42 local time (CET 10:42).
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 21h01
    Tomorrow is the longest day for the rally with a total stage distance of 165.28-kilometres and comprising of a loop of three stages done twice. The day opens with SS10/13 Baiao (18.66 kilometres), followed by SS11/14 Marao (26.31-kilometres) and finished off by SS15 Amarante which is the longest stage of the rally.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h58
    The drivers now head back to the service park for the service and overnight.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h55
    What an exciting day… We have lost through the day #3 Hayden Paddon (Hyundai), who went off and then the car caught fire. Next to go was #12 Ott Tanak (Ford) whose car ended up beside Paddon’s Hyundai, fortunately his car did not catch fire. We lost #10 Kevin Abbring (Hyundai) with a broken steering arm and finally #16 Henning Solberg who went off the road.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h50
    [SS8/9] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 1:55.9 / 1:52.8
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h46
    [SS8/9] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 1:55.2 / 1:52.5
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h42
    [SS8/9] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 1:48.4 / 1:46.7
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h41
    [SS8/9] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 1:51.6 / 1:46.3
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h34
    [SS8/9] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 1:49.0 / 1:46.2
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h30
    [SS8/9] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 1:46.9 / 1:43.6
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h28
    [SS8/9] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 1:54.4 / 1:51.9
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h24
    [SS8/9] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 1:50.2 / 1:48.0
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h24
    [SS8/9] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 1:47.2 / 1:44.7
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h23
    [SS8/9] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 1:48.0 / 1:44.8
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h05
    Unfortunately we do not have a reporter at the end of SS8/9 due to the logistics and the volume of spectators.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 20h03
    SS8/9 is just about to go live on the streets of Porto which are packed with spectators.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 19h06
    The drivers now head down to Porto for two runs of the short street stage before returning for the service and the overnight. The first run, SS8 Porto Street Stage (1.85-kilometres) goes live at 19:03.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 19h00
    [SS7] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 12:11.4 “Nothing special, we try to push a little bit, try to take on more experience. We take a lot of experience and have two more days and I think we do it well.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h56
    [SS7] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 12:10.9 “Very very rough. After one run, very difficult, don’t have any traction, don’t have a feel for the car.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h51
    [SS7] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 11:22.3 “It has been good, good atmosphere in the car. A perfect up till now. Okay we will lose some time with these hard compound tyres in the super special.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h49
    [SS7] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 11:34.1 “Very good. Good feeling today with the car. We did a good step (forward) from Argentina, but we need to finish the race. May be a bit quicker.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h45
    [SS7] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) “He (Solberg) did a mistake on the fast braking, they are okay, just looks like they are trying not to get back. A lot of stones on road, difficult to find some road to drive. Sometimes you want to go fast but very tricky conditions.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h44
    [SS7] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) - Reported off the road.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h40
    [SS7] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:38.4 “The valve was leaking at the start but we had no time to change, after 5k’s we had a puncture.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h40
    [SS7] #8 Stephane Lefebvre (Citroen) 11:29.0 “Was good for us this afternoon. I am learning a lot today and I am happy for the moment. For me it is quite a good feeling with the car.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h39
    [SS7] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 12:38.7 “I am really pleased that we are still here. When you have no power steering, the fighting with the car when it is rough. If you lose it, is no chance to do the times. One time I thought we were going to go off. After the stage we lost the alternator belt, but we managed to fix that one.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h34
    [SS7] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:38.7 - Front left picture - “In the middle of the stage… I don’t know where I puncture…”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h31
    [SS7] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11”27.6 “It has been alright, I improve my driving and the was better in the afternoon. For sure we have to step up the pace a bit, I am missing some time. I was too careful in places, no trying to attack more through the corners.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h30
    [SS7] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) “I need slicks for the next two stages. The grip is very high and the gearbox is working very well and it gives me confidence to push. I really enjoyed it and increase my speed step by step. It is very rough now, but for us now it is working better, working the way it should.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h12
    SS7 is now live...
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h11
    [SS6] #30 Yazeed Al Rahji (Ford) 11:11.4 “Good, we improve a little bit. Step by step I try to push little bit. I enjoy and try to learn some.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h04
    [SS6] #14 Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroen) 11:15.3 “It as very rough, very, very rough. No traction at all. Difficult afternoon.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 18h01
    [SS6] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 10:31.7 “Doing okay, previous stage was cancelled for us and we had to drive through, a bit disappointed as we had good tyre option. Here we had new tyres. Keep in the lines, we need to stay where the grip is.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h59
    [SS6] #6 Eric Camilli (Ford) 10:45.1 “That’s fine. Very very rutted.” - Finding the conditions very difficult.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h55
    [SS6] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:00.3 “A bit better than the stage before. Still a lot of stones and I am not confident to drive over the stones. This stage there was some high speed sections, it is not nice to hit a stone at high speed.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h52
    [SS6] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) 10:57.7 “I am flat out… It is fun to drive. Everything is okay.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h48
    [SS6] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 10:36.3 “Okay, I push a bit more.” - Did not seem happy with his time, was also not happy with the way his car was handling.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h46
    [SS6] #2 Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:39.5 - Lost a lot of time with his power steering problem - “Very important that I have to keep going mentally. It is hard for the hands to keep going.” - Visibly looks exhausted after coming throughout stage without the power steering.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h42
    [SS6] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 10:34.5 “It was good. Now I have only two softs for this stage, it would have been better with three. I enjoy a lot.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h40
    [SS6] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 10:38.0 “It’s alright. Happy enough with my stage. So far it feels okay.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h38
    [SS6] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 10:43.1 “Quite rough out there, but the car can stand a lot of beating. It is working better this afternoon (gearshift). It is improving with the grip and the grip is extremely high now.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h37
    [SS6] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:34.9 “Okay, very difficult, the first stage was terrible conditions. This one a bit better. I am happy with my drive on this one. The first one wss very rough, but on this one was less ruts, but still ruts.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h21
    After #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) the stage has been neutralised with all the following cars being given notional times.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h19
    [SS5] #16 Henning Solberg (Ford) 20:21.4 “Big stones in there, I try to avoid them but it is not easy.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h18
    [SS5] #8 Stephane Lefebvre (Citroen) 19:43.4 - Completes the stage.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h16
    [SS5] #12 Ott Tanak (Ford) - Also reported rolled in the stage. All crews are okay.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h13
    [SS5] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 19:35.9 “For me it was okay, I pushed in some parts and other parts I was clean and smooth. I see Dani’s time and I think we could have done a bit better.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h07
    [SS5] #4 Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 19:25.8 “Very good, tyres are okay. That was unbelievable!” - 3 hard compounds and one soft compound tyre.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h05
    [SS5] #9 Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 19:40.3 “Very rough, but we had a clean run.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h03
    [SS5] #5 Mads Ostberg (Ford) 19:45.7 “It was quite okay, I pushed really hard, quite a decent run. Had a big moment in the same place where Paddon was off. Some ruts there, I don’t know exactly, but I lost the line going out of the corner.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h02
    [SS5] #12 Ott Tanak (Ford) - Reported stopped close to where Paddon has stopped.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h02
    [SS5] #3 Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) - Reported rolled in the stage, both crew are okay.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 17h01
    [SS5] #3 Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) - Still stopped in the stage at 11.9-kms
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 16h59
    [SS5] #1 Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 19:35.4 - Jumps out of the car to have a look around the car - “No concern, just to see the situation (why he jumped out of the car). It was terrible condition for me.” - Hard on the front, soft on the rear.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 16h52
    [SS5] #3 Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) - Reported stopped on the stage.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 16h41
    SS5 is now live...
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 12h44
    The cars now head back for a regroup and service, before a re-run of this mornings loop. The first stage of the afternoon gets underway at 15:39 local time (CET 16:39).
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 12h39
    [SS4] #7 Kris Meeke (Citroen) 11:27.3 “I felt something strange on a big rut, a big impact. After that the car felt strange.
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 12h36
    [SS4] #21 Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:59.9 “You can see the first cars are driving very crazy, sometimes their lines are going out of the road. Sometimes I try to speed up but go wide, not easy for me.”
  • Fri. 20.05.2016 / 12h29
    [SS4] #20 Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:31.7 “I have no explanation for the first stage, Now it is okay, I can go faster but I do not feel 100% confident yet with the car.”
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