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Pikes Peak
Rally Finland 2014
Rally Finland 2014
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A fresh approach to Power Stages

A fresh approach to Power Stages

The format of Power Stages is a big talking point at the moment in WRC circles. In Greece, the Power Stage which begins at 1:56pm is 30.14km in length. Sébastien Ogier, Mads Ostberg, Mikko Hirvonen and Evgeny Novikov will all ...
‘Power Stages’ to stay in 2013

‘Power Stages’ to stay in 2013

Power Stages will continue to be a feature of the world championship in 2013, although the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) has made detail changes to the concept. From next season, Power Stages will need to exceed 15km in length ...
SS15: No problems for Hirvonen!

SS15: No problems for Hirvonen!

Mikko Hirvonen continues to top the order for Citroën/Michelin in Sardinia. The Finn recorded a cautious ninth-fastest time to defend his lead, while attention is focusing on the close battle between Ogier (4th, Skoda/Michelin) and Atkinson (5th, Mini/Michelin) who are ...

Dominique Serieys: “We want to be one of the WRC’s best three rallies…”

With the start of this year’s event fast approaching, Dominique Serieys, the man in charge of the Rallye de France, talks to Best-of-RallyLive about what’s new for 2012 and about the challenges that go hand in hand with its organisation. ...
Valuable points for Loeb in Monte Carlo

Valuable points for Loeb in Monte Carlo

In addition to securing his sixth Rallye Monte-Carlo success on Sunday, Sébastien Loeb also won the Power Stage to pocket a maximum harvest of 28 points. The Citroën-Michelin star couldn’t have wished for a better start to his bid to ...
The Monte Carlo’s ‘Power Stage’

The Monte Carlo’s ‘Power Stage’

The fifth and final leg of the 2012 Rallye Monte-Carlo features just one short competitive section: the 5.16km Power Stage. It adds an extra day to the event which kicked off with last Tuesday’s shakedown test… ...
Loeb leads into Spanish ‘Power Stage’

Loeb leads into Spanish ‘Power Stage’

Only one stage stands between Sébastien Loeb (Citroën/MICHELIN) and a seventh Rally de Espana win that would hand the French firm its… seventh Manufacturers’ title and give him a seven-point advantage over Hirvonen in the Drivers’ championship, not including their ...
A classic Monte to mark its WRC comeback

A classic Monte to mark its WRC comeback

With the Rallye Monte-Carlo poised to return to the World Rally Championship fold in 2012, its organisers have revealed the route of the 80th edition. It will start in Valence. ...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 20h25
    Tomorrow we have another 10 stages covering 130.36 kilometres consisting of a loop of 5-stages done twice. The first test of the day SS14 Mokkipera (13.84 kilometres) gets underway at 8:08 local time (CET +1). Join us tomorrow for day 2 of the Neste Oil Rally Finland, see you there!
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 20h22
    Going into the overnight, the overall classification is 1-Latvala (Volkswagen-Michelin) 1:34:42.4, 2-Meeke (Citroen-Michelin) +19.7, 3-Ogier (Volkswagen-Michelin) +21.3, 4-Mikkelsen (Volkswagen-Michelin) +1:04.2, 5-Ostberg (Citroen-Michelin) +1:05.4
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 20h20
    But Ogier is only 21.3 seconds from Latvala and a mere 1.8 seconds behind Meeke - tomorrow Ogier will not be running first on the road and have possibly a more level playing field. So watch out guys, there will be a charging Frenchman behind you…
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 20h18
    That was day 2 of Neste Oil Rally Finland! Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen-Michelin) completes the day at the top of the leader board with Ulsterman Kris Meeke in second, having overhauled Ogier in the last couple of stages of the day.
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 20h06
    [SS13] Craig Breen (Ford) 1:51.2 "This afternoon has been really good, now we are getting there step by step."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 20h03
    [SS13] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 1:50.3 "We have been quite happy with today, even this afternoon, we have been able to hold our own. Hopefully we can take another step up tomorrow."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 20h00
    [SS13] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 1:49.5 "Okay, it was mistake in the morning and I think it caused some problems with the power steering and I was fighting with this, this afternoon. Tomorrow is a long day."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h57
    [SS13] Henning Solberg (Ford) 1:50.0 - Has had to be careful this afternoon as he has used all his spare tyres "It has been hard, I will try to wake-up again tomorrow for it…"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h55
    [SS13] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 1:49.7 "Today has been a much more productive day. We have been much better in some places, on the whole it has been a lot better from Thursday. Tomorrow we will see what the feeling is like."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h51
    [SS13] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 1:46.9 "Its been an incredible experience. We have been able to show good consistent speed. But we are only Friday evening and we have two big days to go. It's been fascinating to start the day 8 seconds behind the World Champion and finish ahead of him."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h48
    [SS13] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 1:49.1 "It's really nice, I really enjoy driving in the middle of the city. It's been alright. I made a mistake today and the boys are a little bit ahead, but there are two days to go so we can have a good fight."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h44
    [SS13] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 1:47.6 "For sure it is getting better. It has been an interesting day and development through the day. For sure we are getting in a good way with the car and the driving. We need to continue with that pushing tomorrow."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h42
    [SS13] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 1:46.8 "It was better, clean stage no big mistakes. Overall I am quite happy with the day. We will try to defend this 4th place, I am sure the guys will push tomorrow."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h38
    [SS13] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 1:46.6 "Its been a very good day, especially the forest stages have gone well. The first two braking I was a little bit too cautious (on this stage). It's been a great day and the car is working well."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h36
    [SS13] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 1:46.3 - Hit the hay bale just before the finish, nothing serious - "It has been a good day for me, tomorrow is another one. You can always get the win…"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 19h35
    SS13 is now live...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h52
    Only one more stage to go, a re-run of the super special from last night SS13 Harju (2.27 kilometres) which goes live at 20:30 local time (CET +1)
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h50
    [SS12] Craig Breen (Ford) 3:57.1 "Now we are starting to make progress. I can't explain to people how much faster this is than what I have done previously. It is a big wake-up call."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h46
    [SS12] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 3:52.0 "We are still some problem with the power steering. After the landing we are missing a little bit the power steering. Everything otherwise is working."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h46
    [SS12] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 3:53.7 "Not bad at all. The times have not been as good as this morning. We've been able to keep up and we are not so far behind Juho (Hanninen). I am learning how far you can push these cars. It's about having confidence in what this car can do"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h40
    [SS12] Henning Solberg (Ford) 3:57.2 "It's okay, I don't have any spares left so I just go slowly."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h38
    [SS12] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 3:55.4 "It was okay. We didn't have a good run last time and we did not have a good run through this time. Sliding too much in places and not fully committed to the corners."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h34
    [SS12] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 3:49.6 "I was so much faster than I was last year. I am faster now on the second pass, I would quite like another run at it. We keep it going and see what happens. We still have a job to do."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h32
    [SS12] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 3:49.4 "I can't go any faster with that, absolute maximum with this stage!"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h30
    [SS12] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 3:49.0 "Definitely better, good stage, really enjoyable to push like that. That is what we like in Finland."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h28
    [SS12] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 3:50.9 "I did exactly the same mistake as I did the first time… I lost definitely one second there."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h26
    [SS12] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 3:48.5 "Its really good feeling to drive. When I am relaxed I can do my best performance… One right hander i try to go too fast."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h24
    [SS12] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 3:50.0 "This one was not the worst. In the beginning it was damp The car was working good, I am happy that I finish my sweeping role…"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 18h22
    SS12 is now live...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h40
    Latvala continues to build his lead to 18.3 over second place and Meeke takes 2nd from Ogier. Only two more stages to go, SS12 is a re-run of the Painaa (7.70 kilometres) test and gets underway at 19:20 local time (CET +1)
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h37
    [SS11] Craig Breen (Ford) 10:52.6 "It was horrifically rough in some places. I am just trying to find my feet… I am quite happy to get to the end of it."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h35
    [SS11] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 10:36.4 "Isn't too bad… Times have been okay, a bit further back than this morning, it is not too bad."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h32
    [SS11] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 10:34.1 "(Power steering problem) It is mainly in the ruts and after the jumps, some problem with the pump, we are losing the power steering after these points. On the flat, smooth it is okay."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h29
    [SS11] Henning Solberg (Ford) 10:55.1 "I just take it carefully, just one spare left. Three punctures this weekend..."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h28
    [SS11] Martin Prokop (Ford) - Stopped 12.7 kilometres into the stage, no further details available yet
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h27
    [SS11] Martin Prokop (Ford) - Reported stopped in the stage
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h23
    [SS11] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 10:25.8 - Moves ahead of Ogier in the overall classification - "A little bit crazy, I did not expect this… I am starting to understand this car and it is working really well. Starting to make it work. On there second pass I do not think there is much road cleaning, I don't know, it is difficult to say."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h21
    [SS11] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 10:28.9 "Felt like we had rear right puncture… These conditions are so hot, just sliding around."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h19
    [SS11] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 10:30.5 "We did a big mistake running the car low on this stage, impossible to drive on this stage. The car is far too low…"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h17
    [SS11] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 10:23.1 "It is really nice stage. Really happy with this stage, good rhythm on it. I improve my driving since the first run, really happy."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h14
    [SS11] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:22.1 - Adds another 8.3 seconds to his lead - "Some places for sure he is losing, but sometimes it can be mentally, you know you are first on the road you lose because of that.… I just try to follow the line and the car follow it really well. I was pushing really hard and I cannot push like that on every stage. I have been driving more and more accurately, I did not try to think about the splits, I just think about my driving."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h12
    [SS11] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:30.4 "What can I do… I just drive, I do my best. Not a bad stage for us. There is a long way to go, tomorrow will be the start of another rally for me."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 17h10
    SS11 is live...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h43
    Latvala continues to extend his lead with Ogier losing time to road cleaning. A great time for Meeke closing the gap to Ogier down to 2.8 seconds and Ostberg finding his stride only 2.4 seconds behind Latvala on the stage. SS11 is next, a re-run of the Kakaristo stage (20.51 kilometres) going live at 18:02 local time (CET +1)
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h40
    [SS10] Craig Breen (Ford) 11:07.9 "It was quite nice, the only problem I had was that on the first pass I had a puncture and so I was hesitating all the time when I should have been flat out. I am getting happier with the car, it is just a massive step to what I am use to."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h38
    [SS10] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 10:52.4 "Everything is alright, just trying to find the rhythm. This stage was a lot cleaner than the other one. The grip is there on the road, you just got to keep it in the clean line."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h36
    [SS10] Henning Solberg (Ford) "I did not hit anything, just some stones (causing the puncture). The car is okay."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h34
    [SS10] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) "I have small issue with power steering, I am sometime losing the power steering, it is disturbing."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h33
    [SS10] Henning Solberg (Ford) - Had an off causing a puncture which he has stopped to change
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h31
    [SS10] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:05.9 "On the stage before we had a big moment, so this is not as good as it should be, the steering is not straight. Nothing is broken, just strange." Geometry has been knocked out on the previous stage causing problems in this one.
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h29
    [SS10] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 10:52.2 "Its coming for sure, I am feeling good inside the car. We are trying not to take the brains out for the minute and it is difficult on a stage like this. We are here to learn, it is too early to push flat out."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h25
    [SS10] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 10:40.3 "Really enjoying it in there. For me one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. Some really big jumps but they are nice and smooth. My car has been fantastic, just keeping the concentration and worrying about my position."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h22
    [SS10] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 10:54.8 "I just spun at one junction, a really stupid mistake… It just touched a little bit the middle post and we spun. Lucky that we did not lose the wheel, but everything is okay."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h21
    [SS10] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 10:40.7 "It was working very well, good stage for us. I really have that feeling back and I am very pleased with that. It is definitely back in the right direction."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h19
    [SS10] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 10:45.0 "The driving is much better, but the other cars are also improving. We will have to go faster without any risks…"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h17
    [SS10] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:38.3 - Increase his lead over Ogier by another 4.0 seconds - "I will really push now. Try to keep the car in the clean line, I pushed quite hard. I realised on the first stage, I really need to concentrate and keep the car on the straight line and not attack too much on the corners and that really helped."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h14
    [SS10] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:42.3 "That is how it is (cleaning the road)… It is really quite dry, not lose but enough to affect. Still a long way to go."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 16h08
    SS10 is now live...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h31
    Ogier takes another stage win, but by only 0.1 seconds, so Latvala is still controlling things. Another good time from Meeke and Hanninen showing that his car is now fully operational. Next stage is SS10, a re-run of Paijala (23.38 kilometres) which goes live at 17:04 local time (CET +1)
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h27
    [SS9] Craig Breen (Ford) 7:00.3 "I just saw the one biggest moose… he was literally within 5-metres of the bonnet. I thought I had a puncture towards the end, so I did not get a lot of confidence towards the finish."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h25
    [SS9] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 6:44.1 "Just really struggling through here. Still quite lose and quite a few ruts, jumping out of the ruts a lot."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h23
    [SS9] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 6:41.4 "Everything runs well now, no problem at all. Nice stage, really nice one."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h22
    [SS9] Henning Solberg (Ford) 6:56.6 "I had overshoot in a junction, the engine stopped and I had to start again."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h19
    [SS9] Martin Prokop (Ford) 7:03.2 "I was very wide and we had an off, we hit something and the car is not going straight. I thought it was a puncture but it looks like the geometry is wrong. Not good." - Broken right rear wheel.
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h17
    [SS9] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 6:45.5 "I did not have a great time at the start, it seems to be getting better, I got a much better feeling towards the end of the stage there."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h13
    [SS9] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 6:39.9 - Only 0.1 seconds behind Ogier "It was a little bit humid in here this morning. A bit more grip and my car is working fantastically well. I'll give him a tenth to the World Champion"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h11
    [SS9] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) "It's alright, I just cannot understand where they made the time in the end, I don't know where they gain the time."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h09
    [SS9] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 6:42.4 "It's basically starting where we left off before lunch. Much more confident. We just carry on improving."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h07
    [SS9] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 6:44.0 "The feeling is better and better on these wide roads, we really use the whole road. Some ruts coming through, but very nice conditions."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h06
    [SS9] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 6:40.4 "He did a good job on the stage. One little mistake, I could not get the car in the line. It just wake me up. I need to keep the focus now. The rally is so fast, when you don't keep it on the line, you lose immediately."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h05
    [SS9] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 6:39.8 "Not so much, I am very happy with my drive, clean drive. Not as good condition as this morning, quite a bit of lose gravel, but it will getter after a few cars."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 15h04
    SS9 is live...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 12h12
    [SS8] Craig Breen (Ford) 4:00.7 "Anything that I have done before is completely irrelevant, it is a whole different ball game (in a WRC car). It is getting there step by step and I am still quite pleased."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 12h08
    [SS8] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 3:57.5 "Nothing major, just a bit messy and did not get into the rhythm. It was all a bit rushed making repairs before the stage."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 12h06
    [SS8] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 3:55.7 "I think finally the damage with the car is not that bad. Boss will be really horrid in the service but that is okay…" - Not looking forward to facing his boss when he gets back to service!
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 12h04
    [SS8] Henning Solberg (Ford) 3:56.0 "When I fix car again it will be okay. I will try to push hard."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 12h02
    [SS8] Martin Prokop (Ford) 3:59.2 "We are not confident and happy, a lot of mistakes. It is a bit better, just have to get use to it."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 12h00
    [SS8] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 3:57.6 "Generally it has been much much better today, basically on the cautious side but better. Hopefully have a good run in the afternoon. On the big flats is ultimately where you lose to the faster guys..."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h59
    [SS8] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 3:52.3 "I made a slight mistake, a junction right, 2k's after the start. I just run wide and lost all the momentum. When you are not perfect it is impossible to do scratch (fastest time). I am totally happy, totally confident."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h56
    [SS8] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 3:58.6 "Without the rear wing there is nothing to do for us. The car is completely different balance, it is very difficult to drive. We have to fix the car now and the rear wing again back. We have to work a bit on the suspension so that I get the feeling back."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h54
    [SS8] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 3:54.0 "I feel that the time is going away again. We had a good stage on the previous one. This one it was not as bad as I thought. Just the small things here and there and that is where it comes from. I cannot afford any small mistake."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h52
    [SS8] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 3:52.6 "Definitely better, really enjoy it now, work a bit more on my driving. The feeling is good and the times are not bad at all. Its quite hard work, especially on a rally like this, confidence is key to success. It takes a little time to build back up and get the commitment over the crests."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h50
    [SS8] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 3:54.2 "Small break now… No big moments, quite steady drive. Trying to keep a good speed, I think we are doing quite correct. I would like to go faster."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h48
    [SS8] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 3:52.2 "No problems, I know what I did wrong. I was going a little too much pace. I will correct it the second time through."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h45
    [SS8] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 3:51.3 "It is so close. The beginning of the day the condition was okay but then stage 3 it was impossible, we had no chance. This one was not so bad. He (Latvala) is doing a really good job. It is still a great rally and I love to drive it."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h04
    A fastest time for Meeke, great run! Latvala continues to extend his lead and it sounds like Ogier to suffered a little with the road cleaning on this last stage. Next stage is SS8 Painaa (7.70 kilometres) and it goes live at 12:42 local time (CET +1)
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 11h03
    [SS7] Craig Breen (Ford) 11:09.8 "I am really really struggling, I am trying to keep focused but the speed is just so fast to what I am use to. It is going to take time."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h57
    [SS7] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 10:50.2 "There were a couple of technical sections and losing a little. Just need to be a bit smoother and clean in the twisty stuff. This afternoon is going to be a lot harder, we are going to have to up the ante!"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h54
    [SS7] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) - 11:21.3 - Has lost considerable time, running without a front windscreen after his roll on the previous stage - "Just 1K from the start the dashboard flipped out… It was not that bad."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h53
    [SS7] Henning Solberg (Ford) 10:55.5 "It's okay, but I have a puncture in there, on the right front."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h52
    [SS7] Martin Prokop (Ford) 10:59.4 "It is very nice (the stage). I am not happy with the car, not good feeling. Now it is really slow, not happy at all."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h51
    [SS7] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) - Continues but is starting to lose a lot of time...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h49
    [SS7] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 10:48.1 "Things are going better to day, okay there is still work to be done. We looked at them (pace notes) last night and we did not change so much. The grip levels are very high."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h47
    [SS7] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 10:37.0 - Goes fastest! - "This was the stage with the most amount of cleaner, definitely the guys in front are at a disadvantage on this one. I just want to keep processing in myself and be comfortable where I am."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h45
    [SS7] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 10:58.8 - Again losing a lot of time on this stage - "Not easy at all, the car is undriveable and you have to be very careful. One more stage to go, we want to get back to service and continue this afternoon. I struggle a lot with the confidence, I do not feel comfortable in the at all."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h43
    [SS7] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 10:37.9 - Goes faster than Latvala, fastest so far on this stage - "It went really well. This one was perfect, the margin is so small." - Commented that on this rally the smallest of hesitations costs you seconds.
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h41
    [SS7] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 10:40.4 "It is getting better and better, at least now I feel I am driving again and can start to work on the details. I think yesterday was a big disappointment for me, I felt I was driving really bad. You need to be in the right mood on this rally."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h39
    [SS7] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 10:40.0 - Gone faster than Ogier by 1.4 seconds - "I know it (the stage), we did last year. A clean stage for us, I was not very happy with the first 5k's of the stage, a new section. Try to keep a good pace."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h37
    [SS7] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:38.2 - Good time, increases his lead over Ogier by another 3.2 seconds - "It was a good stage. We were 4-seconds ahead when got the split and I started to attack a bit more, but it was not good, I started to lose time. There was a lot of gravel on this stage."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h36
    [SS7] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:41.4 "No problem at all, I am really happy with the stage. But no chance, so much lose on this stage, so much big rooks, no chance."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h24
    SS7 is now live...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h05
    Latvala is continuing to maintain his lead over team-mate Ogier, grabbing seconds and fractions of seconds on every stage. Another great performance from both Meeke and Paddon. Despite his roll, Hanninen seems to be okay to continue and according to reports from the end of the stage, the damage is mainly superficial. Next up is SS7 Kakaristo (20.51 kilometres) which goes live at 11:24 local time (CET +1)
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 10h01
    [SS6] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 10:57.0 - Great time from Paddon, 4th fastest behind Meeke - "New stages, so it is the same for everybody. In places I am over driving we are having a few little moments. In a lot of places we are losing time. I have got to try and carry clean lines, like on a race track."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h57
    [SS6] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 12:01.7 - Has lost a lot of time, has rolled, not excessive damage, sounds like a slow roll - "Not many k's before the end. I had a slow puncture front the start. Went reverse in the ditch and had a roll over there on my side."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h56
    [SS6] Henning Solberg (Ford) 11:24.3 "It's okay, I have to do some changes."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h53
    [SS6] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:16.4 "It was horrible stage, we jump out of the road… Absolutely out of the road. It was pace note, so I jump completely straight out of the road and we still had 20 kilometres so I was not able to drive hard. Not good." - Some slight front right damage
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h52
    [SS6] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 11:06.3 "It was an absolutely incredible stage. In some places you were on the correct line, but it is so easy to get caught out."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h50
    [SS6] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 10:54.4 - Maintaining his consistency - "I just slid wide on a long right hander, that is the margin at this level. What a beautiful stage. It is still not perfect and we will continue to try to be better. Every corner is a big challenge ion this rally."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h47
    [SS6] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:11.6 - Started Losing little time after the 11 kilometre mark - "We have no aero (dynamics) on the rear. We have no grip on the rear so I have to take it steady in some places. You need to know the stage quite a lot, I am struggling with my pace notes. I do not know what I have done, but I know that I am wrong (in the pace notes)."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h45
    [SS6] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 10:59.4 "I think it is fantastic, I really enjoyed it. It is tricky, it is so fast and if you lift a little bit you lose seconds..."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h43
    [SS6] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 10:58.3 "We are going in the right direction, very frustrating, just having to work hard. We need to work a little bit with the car, we are a little bit off where we were on the test. I try to force myself to push. A bit of a reset now."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h42
    [SS6] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:01.9 "It was fantastic stage, it was a lovely stage. We drove so fast in so many places and I am backing off. I am happy with the stage, no problems, better than the first one. I just try to do the best job I can without taking the major risks."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h39
    [SS6] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:52.3 - Squeezes another 0.4-seconds out of Ogier - "I was enjoying. Some places I had a a little bit the notes were not exactly correct. I was a little bit struggling with the notes but now everything is sorted out. If always you can be quicker it is important. It is not cleaning so at the moment we are in equal position (to Ogier on the road)."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h37
    [SS6] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:52.7 "Really fast stage, but really nice, fun to drive it. You always keep a small margin, but not a bad time."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 09h34
    SS6 is now live...
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h53
    Latvala taking a further 1.2-seconds from Ogier. Great time from local driver Juho Hanninen only 0.4-seconds off Latvala. Also New Zealander Hayden Paddon has put in a good time +2.6 slower than the fastest man on the stage. Next stage is SS6 Paijala (23.38 kilometres) which goes live in 10:26 local time (CET +1).
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h51
    [SS5] Craig Breen (Ford) 7:03.7 "It's getting there step by step. But the pace is extraordinarily hot at the moment."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h48
    [SS5] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 6:48.5 "We are using a bit of oil again, you can feel the oil coming onto the brakes and we started losing some braking."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h47
    [SS5] Robert Kubica (Ford) - Still no news on Kubica who has stopped 1.6 kilometres into the stage
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h45
    [SS5] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 6:46.3 - Second fastest so far on this stage - "I did not lost so much. Quite good one."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h43
    [SS5] Robert Kubica (Ford) - Reported stopped in the stage
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h43
    [SS5] Henning Solberg (Ford) 7:03.0 "Its okay, I was not happy, it will be better. I am not happy with the rhythm, it was difficult to drive."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h41
    [SS5] Martin Prokop (Ford) 7:00.8 "Its okay, we saw some lines. We had trouble with the pace notes, he (co-driver) turn two pages instead of one so we got lost in the pace notes."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h39
    [SS5] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 6:54.6 "Much better to be honest, the pace notes are working better. Things have been a lot better in here. We had to be careful as we started to overdrive in the beginning."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h38
    [SS5] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 6:48.8 "Unfortunately in the middle of the stage I got lost a little in my notes so I backed off. You have to be so careful on a new stage in Finland. It's okay, I am happy."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h35
    [SS5] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 6:53.7 - Looks like he has had a moment, the spoiler is missing and a dent on the rear left of the car, the door is also bent - "I went slightly wide on a braking on a tight corner and I hit something. We lost a bit of downforce at the end and I lost the rear in a couple of places, but we continue like this."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h34
    [SS5] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 6:50.0 "On the first 9 kilometres I was with Jari-Matti (Latvala). I lost a lot in the narrow road (last section of the stage), it was damp, wet and slippy in places, that put me off a little bit."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h31
    [SS5] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 6:57.5 "We did some changes to the car and the car is very different today. The car is working, it is very different from what I had yesterday. On a stage like that I struggle a lot and we had quite a few big moments. The car is working at the moment, yesterday for sure we had some problems. It was not good from my side (on this stage)."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h29
    [SS5] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 6:55.6 "My time was really bad, these guys in front are doing a good job. A bit too careful in there. The road is so wide, I come out of corners and I still have 2-metres to spare…"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h27
    [SS5] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 6:45.9 "Happy, we had a moment on a left hander, we were quite a long time in the ditch, I stay calm. It was the very first stage on the recce…"
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h25
    [SS5] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 6:47.1 "Its okay, I think it is quite good. Should not be a disadvantage. Good grip, but I did not have the confidence to push, I was too cautious."
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h22
    The stages are damp from the rain yesterday and in places under the trees there is standing water and some muddy patches. On the drier sections there will be some road cleaning for Ogier and the drivers running early on the road.
  • Fri. 01.08.2014 / 08h20
    Welcome to a beautiful morning in Finland, clear blue skies and no rain… The first test of the day SS5 Pihlajakoski (14.51 kilometres) is already live with Ogier already into the test.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h25
    Tomorrow we have nine special stages, a loop of four done twice then finishing off with another run of the Harju test, in total 134.47 kilometres. First stage of the day, SS5 Pihlajakoski (14.51 kilometres) gets underway at 9:18 local time (CET +1). Join us for all the action, live from Finland!
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h21
    Going into the overnight, the overall looks like: 1-Latvala (Volkswagen-Michelin) 29:17.9, 2-Ogier (Volkswagen-Michelin) +4.5, 3-Meeke (Citroen-Michelin) +9.2, 4-Hirvonen (Ford-Michelin) +26.4 and 5-Hanninen (Hyundai-Michelin) +27.1
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h19
    That is day one done and dusted with the Volkswagen-Michelin team-mates of Jari-Matti Latvala and Sebastien Ogier leading the way into the overnight. Closely followed by a chasing Kris Meeke (Citroen-Michelin), Mikko Hirvonen (Ford-Michelin) and Juho Hanninen (Hyundai-Michelin)
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h15
    [SS4] Craig Breen (Ford) 1:52.2 - Same time as Paddon - "Its been quite a tough day, I have had two punctures and I never really felt on my feet. The one clear stage we had, the time was quite respectable, so looking forward to tomorrow."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h13
    [SS4] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 1:52.2 "The last two stages were not so bad so we can continue improving on that. We need to close that gap up."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h09
    [SS4] Robert Kubica (Ford) 1:50.6 "It was okay, not a big fan of gravel on tarmac. The weekend is very long, there is still long way to go." - Complaining of a misfire which was particularly noticeable on the gravel.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h06
    [SS4] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 1:50.0 "There was so much sun so I had to slow down. Nice stage with lots of people for sure."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h03
    [SS4] Henning Solberg (Ford) 1:51.6 "It's okay. Everything will be flat out (tomorrow), what ever I can do. The car is very good, I had a puncture so I was very unlucky, but that is how rally is."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 20h00
    [SS4] Martin Prokop (Ford) 1:51.8 "The stage was clear except the last corner where we hit a fire wall or something, hopefully the car is okay."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h58
    [SS4] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 1:50.2 "We just try to be quite clean where needed, but it has been a quite difficult day. We try to have a good night's sleep and see what we can do tomorrow. The notes have not been perfect they have been on the cautious side. We can work on them tonight and hope for better results tomorrow."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h55
    [SS4] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 1:47.3 "Really good. I am delighted to be here. My first event this season that I have done last year and it is voice to be on the speed. 4 (stages) down and 22 to go… It is going to be an interesting morning tomorrow, new stages that nobody has done."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h50
    [SS4] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 1:48.4 "We struggle a little bit with the pace notes on the first two stages. The confidence is a bit better. On this last stage the chicanes have been completely destroyed and gravel all over the road, quite a different stage (from the recce). Last year I was on the pace and this year I struggle a little bit in the beginning."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h49
    [SS4] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 1:48.9 "It could be better, it could be better."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h45
    [SS4] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 1:48.1 - Is through, he has not been at all happy with his afternoon's work.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h42
    [SS4] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 1:48.3 "Everything is okay, a bitt too sideways here and there, not a good stage to be honest. It is okay starting day, I have had better days, but it is okay."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h40
    [SS4] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 1:46.9 - Has touched something, a little damage on the car - "Maybe a couple of places I was going to one side of this stage."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h36
    [SS4] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 1:46.1 - One corner was a little bit tighter than he expected and lost some time there. He feels like he is now getting into the rally.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 19h34
    The last stage of the day, SS4, is now live...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h50
    Latvala & Ogier hold station at the front with both setting the identical time on SS3… Only one more stage to go today, a short blast around the 2.27 kilometre Harju stage which gets underway at 20:30 local time (CET+1)
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h48
    [SS3] Jarkko Nikara (FORD) - Reports coming in that Nikara is off the road in the stage...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h46
    [SS3] Craig Breen (Ford) 11:56.2 "I felt the start of a puncture less than a third of the way through the stage and it did not get any worse, I think it is front left… It is really strange, it is not a full puncture. The stage is so rough."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h44
    [SS3] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:29.3 "Its not so bad, we were only a couple of seconds off Juho (Hanninen). I have a lot more confidence when the grip is consistent."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h42
    [SS3] Robert Kubica (Ford) 11:30.8 "Its going okay. This stage was very tough for me, there was a lot of ruts and lines. It was not easy but I think we have a good long stage so I am happy."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h40
    [SS3] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 11:27.4 "This last one we lost a lot of time, it was quite rough, these ruts already. We lost a few times from these ruts and after that I was not fully confident."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h38
    [SS3] Henning Solberg (Ford) 11:55.9 - Front left puncture, completely gone - "9-kilometres into the stage there was a stone in the road. Very frustrating… I could not see it was there in the corner."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h36
    [SS3] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:33.8 "We have some small problems with the rear brakes. The first part was very rough with a lot of impacts on the rear." - Had to drive round a big rock in the stage
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h34
    [SS3] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 11:38.5 "Still difficult, it was quite rough in places. The car jumped out of the ruts on a couple of times. I just eased off when it jumped out early on. This is Finland after all, these are the conditions and you have to respect it."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h32
    [SS3] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 11:12.4 "No frustration, I wanted scratch and I don;t think I got it. Here there was medium size ruts and still quite difficult to control and bounce around. Step by step I am happy. I don't want a limit, I want freedom to drive in the car with a smile on my face."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h29
    [SS3] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:22.8 "Much better, but I am bottoming a lot and the car is jumping out of the line. Sometimes I could not hold the steering, it was really difficult. I try to stay on the clean line. The conditions are different from testing and I am missing some confidence."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h27
    [SS3] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 11:20.7 "I was hoping to be closer to the Volkswagens but they are pushing really really hard. The car is a bit stiff for these conditions."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h25
    [SS3] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 11:22.0 "Not a good day, I am struggling a lot with the car, I am not able to drive the car like this. We need to change the set-up to make the car better." - Not happy
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h24
    [SS3] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:18.2 "I tried to increase the pace. It was really slippery in the beginning, I thought I had two punctures on the rear, the back end was all over the place."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h22
    [SS3] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:11.3 "Everything okay. We were one second slower at the beginning so I started to catch back at the end. In the beginning, we had problem with understeering, I went stiffer and higher with the car. I was struggling to find the rhythm."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h14
    [SS3] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:11.2 "Quite more slippery, a bit more mud, some small ruts, but not too bad. I had one small moment at the end, I had an impact on the front, lost the front and I had to back off, I lost a bit of time there."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 18h09
    SS3 is now live...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h55
    Another good stage for Jari-Matti Latvala, extended his lead of the rally from team-mate Sebastien Ogier to 5.3-seconds. Kris Meeke has had a good run so far taking 3rd overall, but being chased by the Hyundai of Juho Hanninen. Next stage SS3 is a second running of the Lankamaa stage and goes live at 19:07 local time (CET +1)
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h53
    [SS2] Craig Breen (Ford) 5:18.9 "Very very tricky, the first stage was exceptionally tough. It is getting better now and we can try and find some more speed. I can carry so much more speed than it feels like. It will take a while but I am happy."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h52
    [SS2] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 5:11.7 "This one was certainly better, the first one we got caught in the bad weather. This one was better, but there is still a long way to go. These new stages tend to suit us better."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h48
    [SS2] Robert Kubica (Ford) 5:10.0 "You cannot compare against top drivers especially on this kind of road. We are trying to drive consistently. There is a lot to learn. We are very happy, is only two stages but I am pretty happy with my driving, I take no risks at all. The pace notes are good, I should believe in them."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h46
    [SS2] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 5:05.7 "Okay, still we lost, but it is not that easy now. Main thing is keeping the line and some times I was not able to do it. Main thing is to keep it smooth."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h45
    [SS2] Henning Solberg (Ford) 5:08.9 "Very very good, the car is good, I loved the rain on the last 9 kilometres!"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h41
    [SS2] Martin Prokop (Ford) 5:18.0 "Absolutely no feeling with the grip. I try to go clean again. I have no experience with this, no experience with these conditions. The time is not bad compared with Elfyn, but it can be better. I do not know where is the limit. Very fast."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h39
    [SS2] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 5:07.5 "The first couple of kilometres you began to see a little but marbly, also there was a bit of mud appearing, coming up through the ground. Interesting, new stage, new notes for everybody."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h37
    [SS2] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 5:11.5 "I struggle with the condition and my pace notes are too slow, so i have to always overdrive with my pace notes and this is not good for my confidence."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h35
    [SS2] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 5:09.7 - Same time as Ostberg - "They (Latvala & Ogier) are really putting quite unbelievable speed, we try to hang on but they are pulling away. Stages are still in a perfect condition, one or two corners that are a bit slippy, but not 10-seconds slippy…"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h33
    [SS2] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 5:09.7 "I don't really understand it, it is going well, but the times are **** (not good)". - Not happy with his stage times and does not understand why.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h30
    [SS2] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 5:08.1 "I am still a bit too cautious, in the fast I can still go faster. But we are building step by step. Let's see for the second run through Lankamaa if we can go faster. We take it stage by stage, I really don't trust the grip."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h29
    [SS2] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 5:02.5 - Again faster than Ogier by 2.2-seconds "Good start, very very good grip on the road, only one slippy braking. Really good grip all the time. I can see that it (rain) is not so good for the spectators but it is good for the drivers…"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h27
    [SS2] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 5:04.7 "This one was very slippery with a lot of lose gravel so I am quite happy it is in wet condition. I was hoping for that, in the first one it was raining consistently."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h22
    SS2 is now live with Sebastien Ogier into the test...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h48
    An interesting opening stage and it looks like being one of the first few cars on the road is a definite advantage. Next stage up is SS2 Jouhtikyla 10.36 kilometres and it goes live at 17:21 local time (CET+1)
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h46
    [SS1] Craig Breen (Ford) 12:11.7 "Definitely a baptism of fire… For some reason I cannot get a clean stage. It was like an absolute monsoon. But it is a long rally."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h44
    [SS1] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:50.7 "Caught the rain storm… For about 5-kilometres we could hardly see the road, but we are still here…"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h42
    [SS1] Robert Kubica (Ford) 11:38.6 "It was not easy. Quite good stage to warm up. Only one junction I got in the line and got pulled into the side. We got some heavy rain 8-kilometres to the end. But okay."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h40
    [SS1] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 11:21.9 "Lost still some time, Jari-Matti had a good one! We have a lot of power but even so it takes some energy. Reasonable start." - Again commenting that the muddy surface is sucking the power.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h38
    [SS1] Henning Solberg (Ford) 11:35.3 "It was okay. It is raining a lot, this is how it is, I am trying my best." - It's raining again reasonably heavily...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h34
    [SS1] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:43.7 "It was really difficult, you can feel the grip, you feel you can push a lot, but sometimes it is slippy like hell… This is the weekend to try some fast line. I think the time is not bad."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h32
    [SS1] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 11:19.0 "Really quite happy, the rain before the start of the stage was something else, luckily it cleared before we started the stage. What an incredible place to drive a rally car! Not so bad, but it is a really long long rally."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h29
    [SS1] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:34.0 "I did not have the perfect one, especially at the beginning I was too slow. I feel a lot of grip in the beginning, but it is taking a lot of the power. The road is getting more and more loose. Maybe I have to do a bit better myself." - Commenting that the mud is sapping the power from the car and not getting the forward momentum.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h28
    [SS1] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 11:29.0 "No worries, just a difficult stage. Struggling a bit to find a good grip level. The gravel colour is changing a lot and with it the grip level. I cannot do so much more. Some places for sure it is muddy and slippery. For sure I do not think it is getting faster."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h28
    [SS1] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 11:25.0 "Pretty good, it was a bit slippy in the end. It's okay, not too bad at all."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h23
    [SS1] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:30.5 "It's okay. It tried to keep a good speed, but there are so many places you can go so so fast… I tried my best. A clean run so far, I am quite happy with my run."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h22
    [SS1] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:17.3 - 3.1-seconds up on Ogier "It did help (the rain). In the first two corners it was slippy, but after that it was good. I could have gone faster after that, but you never know how much rain."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h21
    [SS1] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:20.4 "I could have been faster definitely, but it is raining and there were a couple of places with standing water, I was not flat out at this stage of the rally."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h19
    There is intermittent rain on the stage so conditions are changeable...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h18
    The first stage of the day is already live with Ogier into the test.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h14
    Welcome to Neste Oil Rally Finland, round 8 of the 2014 FIA World Rally Championship live from Finland!
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