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Rally Argentina 2015
Rally Argentina 2015
live positions :
Rally Argentina (WRC): Laura, Cordoba and Argentine motorsport…

Rally Argentina (WRC): Laura, Cordoba and Argentine motorsport…

More than half of Argentina’s population is of Italian origin, so it’s no surprise that the country is mad about motorsport, in all its forms. Cordoba-based Laura has had a hands-on involvement in most disciplines for more than 30 years. ...
Rally Argentina (WRC), after SS3: WRC or the Dakar?

Rally Argentina (WRC), after SS3: WRC or the Dakar?

Three months after the Dakar visited this region in January, there is more cross-country rally action in Cordoba province this week! In just two stages, Ogier, Mikkelsen, Neuville, Sordo and Paddon have already paid a high price. Kris Meeke leads ...
Rally Argentina (WRC): Meeke leads after fearsome SS2

Rally Argentina (WRC): Meeke leads after fearsome SS2

Before the start, all the drivers cited the long SS2 as the real test of this year’s Rally Argentina. Several drivers effectively suffered on Friday’s 51.99km opener, including the world champion Sébastien Ogier who failed to complete the test. Citroën/Michelin’s ...
Rally Argentina (WRC): a Latin American flavour

Rally Argentina (WRC): a Latin American flavour

South American drivers representing five different nations account for half of the 2015 Rally Argentina’s entry. That’s evidence of the sport’s reasonable health on the continent, but the days when the likes of Jorge Recalde could challenge for outright victory ...
Rally Argentina (WRC): Merlo: 0.6% stage distance/ 100% fun!

Rally Argentina (WRC): Merlo: 0.6% stage distance/ 100% fun!

The small town of Merlo, which sits on the San Luis side of Argentina’s Cordoba/San Luis provincial border, provided the backdrop for SS1 of the 2015 Rally Argentina. The 2.68km super-special was won by Sébastien Ogier (VW/Michelin, 2m32s), but the ...
Rally Argentina (WRC): Evans/Barritt – the fastest guns in the West!

Rally Argentina (WRC): Evans/Barritt – the fastest guns in the West!

To provide a little light-hearted entertainment before the start of this week’s Rally Argentina, WRC-TV organised the ‘Wheel Change Challenge 2015’ this morning (Thursday). The competition on the lakeside in Villa Carlos Paz was won by M-Sport World Rally Team’s ...
Rally Argentina (WRC): A 46-day break

Rally Argentina (WRC): A 46-day break

World Rally Championship action resumes today after a break of 46 days since the end of March’s Rally Mexico! We asked the crews how they filled the last six weeks? ...
Rally Argentina (WRC): Gol and DS!

Rally Argentina (WRC): Gol and DS!

Vehicle marketing and sports marketing don’t always dovetail perfectly. For example, the Volkswagen Polo (the R WRC version of which is targeting a second consecutive victory in Argentina this weekend) is not actually sold in South America. Meanwhile, the DS ...
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h48
    Tomorrow, the final day of Rally Argentina, we only have 2 stages, the famous El Condor (16.32 kilometres) test done twice, the second time as the power stage. SS11 goes live at 9:58 local time (CET 14:58). That concludes our coverage for today, join us tomorrow for the final stages live from Argentina.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h47
    The drivers now head back to Villa Carlos Paz for the end of day service and the overnight. Going into the overnight, the overall classification is: 1-Meeke 3:14:51.7, 2-Ostberg +38.6, 3-Latvala +1:03.7, 4-Evans +2:24.6, 5-Neuville +4:51.0
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h43
    [SS10] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 29:31.2 “Very bad stage. We thought we broke the car in the first 5 or 6 k’s, we had to back right off.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h38
    [SS10] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 27:07.2 “I got an alarm that a sensor had gone out. I had to switch it off then switch back on again to get going. Really happy. I took it easy this morning, okay I had a spin. 32k’s tomorrow, I think it will be a Sunday drive for me.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h37
    [SS10] Martin Prokop (Ford) 28:10.3 “It was difficult to take care with the car. The feeling was really horrible, it was really difficult for the car.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h35
    [SS10] Kris Meeke (Citroën) - Stalled in the water splash.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h28
    [SS10] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 27:03.2 “You have to keep the pressure on. I have for the first time been very happy with the set-up of the car, for the first time I have been confident. So focus and keep going, try to keep the pressure on for tomorrow.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h26
    [SS10] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 27:34.3 “It is so, so rough in there. We were more than careful on occasions. I don’t think anyone expected it to be quite like this. It is not all bad.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h22
    [SS10] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 27:13.2 “I try a little bit more. Quite a good run, quite rough in there. I wanted too push but I had to back off after 5 kilometres, it was so rough.” - Ostberg still looks under the weather.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h20
    [SS10] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 27:10.5 “We had a very good run. The dust in the car, I had to clean the side windows as when I go sideways I cannot see. It is very rough.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h17
    [SS10] Ott Tanak (Ford) 27:57.8 “Really dusty. We had a puncture so we had to stop. I am really glad that we finished all the stages, we got good experience and is good for us.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h14
    [SS10] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) - Stopped in the stage approximately 3.9 kilometres from the start.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h12
    [SS10] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 27:00.3 “An okay stage. I got a puncture on the road section. I was fighting a lot with the car.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 22h12
    [SS10] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 30:51.7 - Lost considerable time due to power steering problem - “It was unfixable (power steering). I decide to stay and go to the end.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 21h37
    [SS10] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 28:23.5 - Happy enough, just wants to get to the finish of the rally.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 20h37
    Organisers have just confirmed that SS9 has been cancelled and all drivers running after Ott Tanak will use the alternative route to get to the next test SS10 San Marcos / Characato (42.50 kilometres) which goes live at 16:37 local time (CET 21:37)
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 20h20
    The stage has been stopped by the organisers after Ott Tanak, who is now going through the stage at non-competition speed.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 20h19
    [SS9] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 17:13.5 “I took it careful, a tyre killer is that one. Tried to avoid the rocks, at my own pace. I was very happy with that.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 20h17
    [SS9] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) - Stopped in the stage
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 20h15
    [SS9] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 17:19.2 - Power steering problems
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h21
    The drivers now head back to Villa Carlos Paz for regroup and service before a rerun of this mornings stages. SS9 Capilla del Monte / San Marcos goes live at 14:54 local time (CET 19:54)
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h20
    Meeke loses more time to team-mate Ostberg, but happy to get through this mornings stages. Sordo closing on Latvala in 3rd after the Fin had a moment. Overall classification after SS8: 1-Meeke 2:30:25.3, 2-Ostberg +32.6, 3-Latvala +1:07.7, 4-Sordo +1:21.8, 5-Evans +1:57.5
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h19
    [SS8] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 1:46.9 “Each corner is not predictable. It is so technical. Otherwise all in all it is okay.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h15
    [SS8] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 1:46.9 “Each corner is not predictable. It is so technical. Otherwise all in all it is okay.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h12
    [SS8] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 27:45.4 “I was a bit cautious in here. It was important to get through these stages this morning to check the notes. I am happy.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h10
    [SS8] Martin Prokop (Ford) 28:33.3 “It is very difficult, difficult to see the corners. It was not easy for me, I was trying to keep some rhythm.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h05
    [SS8] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 27:24.1 “At a slow left hairpin, I lost 10-seconds, on the crest before I brake a little bit late. We try but I make small mistakes, but I am happy with the pace notes and everything.” - Did not see the hairpin and ended up going straight on having to reverse out.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 16h03
    [SS8] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 27:46.8 “I had one moment. I hit a bank and it put us into the grass. I was very, very lucky but I lost the rhythm for the driving.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h59
    [SS8] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 27:45.0 “We lost quite a lot of time.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h57
    [SS8] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 27:24.5 “I try to give a little bit more and it work quite well. Some parts of the stage were not so good for me. Not so bad, quite happy with the stage. It felt very long. I got a little bit tired, I am not feeling so well.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h54
    [SS8] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 27:24.8 “It is good we have a 3-minute gap otherwise it would have been dangerous. The set-up changes are working much better than it was before.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h53
    [SS8] Ott Tanak (Ford) 28:31.5 “I cannot get a good feeling at the moment, it has been a dreadful time.” - Has hit something at the rear left, not serious and should get to service okay.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h49
    [SS8] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 27:38.3 “The first one went good, in here it did not work as well. We have not got the traction at the front. It does not really matter though, we need to get the mileage”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h46
    [SS8] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 27:17.4 “I try to just drive it now to a rhythm. I am happy enough with that stage, looking forward to get back to service with the car in one piece.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h42
    [SS8] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 27:30.1 “Quite difficult stage, very narrow, very easy to hit a rock. It is very easy to hit something here. The smallest mistake, it is very easy to hit a rock.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 15h41
    [SS8] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 28:38.9 “We are going very slow.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h22
    The organisers have decided to give drivers three minute intervals on SS8 due to hanging dust.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h18
    Next up is SS8 San Marcos / Characato which has been shortened from 56.99 to 42.50 kilometres due to rain damage and is due to go live at 10:11 local time (CET 15:11)
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h15
    Ogier goes fastest, followed by Mikkelsen and Latvala for a Volkswagen 1-2-3. Leader Meeke gives second place Ostberg just shy of 15 seconds after a spin early on in the stage. After SS7 the overall classification: 1-Meeke 2:02:39.9, 2-Ostberg +53.5, 3-Latvala +1:06.3, 4-Sordo +1:43.1, 5-Evans +1:57.9
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h11
    [SS7] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 18:34.6 “Very difficult, the dust is unbelievable, you cannot see forward. I do not know about the next one but this was quite difficult.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h08
    [SS7] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 17:52.1 “it was very dusty, I just got mixed up with my braking and we just span onto some grass and had to reverse out. Hopefully the wind will get up by the time we get to the next stage (to move the dust).”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h06
    [SS7] Martin Prokop (Ford) 18:12.7 “It is very rough stage, very difficult to drive over, some very big stones. I had to avoid these big stones.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h04
    [SS7] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 17:41.0 “I drive very carefully, not fastest enough. It was very hard for the tyres. I did not take any risks, I just drive. I do not know how is the tyres, I just drive. We need to try a little bit more.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h02
    [SS7] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 17:50.3 “Quite a lot of big stone, I thought that I maybe went a bit too careful where it was rough. It is a bit of an issue (dust).”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 14h02
    [SS7] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 17:34.9 “It was good, a good start for the day. Not easy conditions, there is a lot of dust. In some places you do not see so much, but overall it was a good performance. I cannot push the maximum, I try to keep going with a good speed.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h58
    [SS7] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 17:37.2 - He is driving at his own pace and is comfortable with that.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h57
    [SS7] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 17:54.2 “It was a good stage but it is very very rough and I only have five tyres so I take it easy to save the tyre. It is very abrasive and hard for the car.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h56
    [SS7] Kris Meeke (Citroën) Reports coming in that Meeke has had a spin.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h54
    [SS7] Ott Tanak (Ford) 18:09.4
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h51
    [SS7] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 17:40.1 “The first half of the stage there is a lot of standing dust. The second half of the road is quite loose and I think it will clean as it goes on. I want to get experience of the stages, we want to make sure we get the miles.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h49
    [SS7] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 17:34.7 “Very heavy dust, I was so struggling to see, hopefully we can get 3 minutes later on. My tyres were starting to go really off, so I took it carefully in the end.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h48
    [SS7] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 17:31.1 “Okay but a lot of dust, very difficult to see, if I do not get more time with Bertelli I will stop.” - complaining about the dust
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h47
    [SS7] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 18:07.6 “Very slippery, the first section is okay.”
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h44
    Today we have a total of 131.20 kilometres made up of a loop of two stages done twice. The first of these stages is already underway, SS7 Capilla del Monte / San Marcos (23.05 kilometres) with drivers into the test.
  • Sat. 25.04.2015 / 13h42
    Good morning and welcome to WRC Saturday, live from Villa Carlos Paz for Rally Argentina, round 4 of the FIA World Rally Championship
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 23h04
    Tomorrow is similar to today with a loop of two stages done twice and one of those stages 56.77 kilometres. SS7 Capilla del Monte / San Marcos (23.05 kilometres) gets underway at 09:08 local time (CET14:08). That concludes our coverage for today, join us tomorrow for the second full day of Rally Argentina.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 23h03
    At the end of the day, the top five overall classification: 1-Meeke 1:44:47.8, 2-Ostberg +1:08.4, 3-Latvala +1:23.5, 4-Sordo +1:54.2, 5-Evans +1:59.7
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 23h01
    So at the end of the first full day, Kris Meeke in the Citroen leads the crews into the overnight halt. Today we have lost current World Champion Ogier, Mikkelsen, Tanak and Paddon and the rough tough stages have proved a real challenge to both man and machine.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h59
    [SS6] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 5:34.8 “We lost less than I expected.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h57
    [SS6] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 5:04.4 “The feeling in the car has been good. For me tomorrow is the toughest day.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h55
    [SS6] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) - Losing a lot of time with his transmission problems on this stage
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h53
    [SS6] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 5:01.0 “I am happy now. I am very disappointed with this morning when we lost so much time. We need to push hard.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h51
    [SS6] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 5:01.1 “I am very happy with my position.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h48
    [SS6] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 5:02.9 “It was okay. The time was okay, It is just the exhaust, there is a lot of heat in the car.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h47
    [SS6] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 5:05.1 “I think it has been an okay day. Not a bod day, the guys did a great job considering all that they had to do.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h40
    [SS6] Martin Prokop (Ford) “I can say we are driving careful, but the road is so tricky. We are just trying to drive. Some parts you can enjoy a lot.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h16
    [SS6] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 5:31.1 “I could not drive the car, so bad that you cannot steer. I cannot turn the car.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 22h14
    [SS6] Jari Ketomaa (Ford R5 WRC2) 5:13.7 “It was not really very good, we lost the brakes completely on the last stage. We did not have any brakes on that 22k stage. It is a tough rally and there is still a long way to go.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h26
    Meeke fastest increasing his lead over Latvala who has a gearbox problem. Meeke just waiting in the wings. Overall classification after SS5: 1-Meeke 1:39:43.4, 2-Latvala +53.1, 3-Ostberg +1:11.7, 4-Sordo +1:57.6, 5-Evans +1:59.0
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h26
    To finish up the day we have a super special just outside Villa Carlos Paz, a gravel circuit where the crews complete 2 laps and giving a total length of 6.04 kilometres. SS6 goes live at 17:08 local time (CET 22:08).
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h21
    [SS5] Jari Ketomaa (Ford R5 WRC2) 11:38.0 - No brakes - “I was in the start line and suddenly the handbrake went and then there was nothing anywhere. It is a fast stage so you do not need so much brakes. Now there is brakes but there was nothing when I was coming down.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h20
    [SS5] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 10:34.0 - Enjoyed the stage but had to ease off for the second half as the due to tyre wear.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h18
    [SS5] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 10:34.0
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h15
    [SS5] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 10:03.9 “Still very tough stage to go. I am just driving my own rally, I am not expecting any result, anywhere in the top five and I would be happy. I think I made a good choice (tyres)”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h13
    [SS5] Martin Prokop (Ford) 10:36.7 “We have broken anti-roll bar from previous stage. We try to keep the car on the road as it was very unstable. It is moving a lot without the anti-roll bar so it is not easy to drive it.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h11
    [SS5] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 10:17.8 “For me was not so good. The first pass I do with the steering broke, so it is not the same speed, so this was like the first pass.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h07
    [SS5] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:28.3 - Has lost a lot of time towards the end of the stage - “We have a problem with the gearbox. It is not the gear selection, it is the drive to the front diff.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h06
    [SS5] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 10:12.4 “The grips levels were not as high as the previous stage. We were struggling for rear grip.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h04
    [SS5] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 10:12.3 “It’s okay. It’s quite similar conditions (to this morning), quite loose, looser than I expected.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 21h02
    [SS5] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 10:13.8 “Good quite okay, still one more stage to go. Good rhythm for the last two stages. I enjoyed this one a bit more. We know now where is the problem but there was no time on the road section to change the part.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 20h55
    SS5 is now live with Neuville into the test
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h48
    Meeke goes fastest again n this long stage, followed by Latvala and Ostberg. Ford driver Tanak is out for the day after losing a front left wheel in a water splash. Overall classification after SS4: 1-Meeke 1:29:39.5, 2-Latvala +28.7, 3-Ostberg +1:03.3, 4-Sordo +1:43.7, 5-Evans +1:50.5
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h48
    Next stage SS5 Villa Bustos / Tanti (19.71 kilometres) is due to go live at 15:47 local time (CET 20:47)
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h42
    [SS4] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 40:18.0 - Getting in very hot inside the car as the vents would not open. Went with the cross over tyres but the car was not stable.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h39
    [SS4] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 38:12.5 “It wasn’t the intention (to go fastest), I just wanted to be clean. This was hellish rough. The car just seemed to dance over the rough stuff. I am at my own 95%, which is where I need to be.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h37
    [SS4] Martin Prokop (Ford) 39:28.6 “We try to avoid the big stones in the beginning. The tyre choice was not good, very slippery.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h35
    [SS4] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 38:40.2 - There is hardly any rubber on the front left tyre, only carrying one spare - “I cross the tyres. It is okay.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h33
    [SS4] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 38:25.9 - Lost his rear bumper - “It was a very challenge, a lot of loose rocks. A couple of impacts to the front left, but nothing bad. The brakes were getting quite bad towards the end. The brakes were getting very hot and I was losing the friction.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h31
    [SS4] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 38:52.0 “The car was moving around a lot more when things got heated up. Not perfect but better than the start of the day.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h29
    [SS4] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 38:52.3 “It was quite worse than this morning, you are just jumping round. A lot of intercom problems from the beginning to the end, we had to slow down.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h29
    [SS4] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 38:39.6 “The car is working, just extremely rough. I do not want to do anything to my approach from the beginning of the rally.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h27
    [SS4] Ott Tanak (Ford) Reported to have taken off his front left wheel after hitting a rock in a water splash.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 19h06
    [SS4] Ott Tanak (Ford) Reported stopped just over 2 kilometres from the start of the stage.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 18h56
    [SS4] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) - Has retired from the day, he did not leave service after experiencing a host of mechanical problems on the first loop. The main reason for his retirement was a broken exhaust manifold.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 18h53
    [SS4] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) Has retired from the day on the way to SS4 from service with a mechanical issue
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 16h06
    We have a break now while the drivers head back to Villa Carlos Paz for regroup and service. SS4, a re-run of Agua de Oro / Ascochinga (51.99 kilometres), goes live at 13:44 local time (CET 18:44)
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 16h04
    On SS3 Villa Bustos / Tanti (19.71 kilometres), Latvala went fastest, whilst Kris Meeke lost time with a puncture. Sordo also losing time with no power steering and Mikkelsen finishing the stage with broken front right suspension. After SS3 the top five: 1-Meeke 51:27.0, 2-Latvala +15.3, 3-Ostberg +36.2, 4-Tanak +1:00.5, 5-Evans +1:11.0
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 16h00
    [SS3] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 10:48.0 “This one was very bad.” - Reporting that he has no issues or problems.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h57
    [SS3] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 10:28.6 “I reckon we have a puncture, it was some where in the middle of the stage. I was having a good run for the first five or six k’s and the puncture came on.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h57
    [SS3] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:26.0 - on the last stage broke engine mounts, turbo pipe and a number of other issues “Just had to nurse the car through here, no transmission oil, exhaust is off. I am not quite sure what the plan will be this afternoon.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h56
    [SS3] Ott Tanak (Ford) 10:30.2 “Making sure everything is right (with the pace notes) and maybe go a bit faster next time.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h53
    [SS3] Martin Prokop (Ford) 10:51.0 - Had a spin before the end of the stage and lost time. As soon as he event through the water he commented that it was very slippy and lost confidence.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h52
    [SS3] Martin Prokop (Ford) 10:51.0
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h49
    [SS3] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 10:20.2 “For sure it is quite challenging. Quite nice and not a perfect stage but we managed to get through without any problems. I am happy we do not have a problem.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h49
    [SS3] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:11.9 “Very bad, I do not have power steering, it was completely impossible to drive. The stage before also we do 15k’s without power steering, it is very difficult.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h48
    [SS3] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:10.0 “It was alright. The tyres are a bit worn on the front and some places you can feel this. Generally good. The first half like Finland you can drive flat out.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h46
    [SS3] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 10:21.8 “It was tricky.“
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h45
    [SS3] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 13:18.5 - Front right of the car is dragging on the floor, front strut is through the top of the bonnet - “Damper came through and I had to take it really slow. I cannot contact my team…”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h43
    [SS3] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 10:25.6 - Comes in first ahead of Mikkelsen “I had to give him (Mikkelsen) a bit of a push… It is not fun at all. It is going to be very long and very tough.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h38
    [SS3] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) - Has lost a lot of time in the final section, reports of front right suspension problem
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h34
    A large portion of SS3 is new. The first portion of the stage is fast, being wide on a good surface. The last 4 kilometres of the test is twisty and rougher with a couple of water splashes.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 15h31
    SS3 is now live with Mikkelsen into the stage
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h34
    Next stage SS3 Villa Bustos / Tanti (20.31 kilometres) is due to go live at 10:26 local time (CET 15:26)
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h31
    A tough stage to start the day with a number of crews having problems. Ogier had engine problems and has stopped in the stage, no news yet with exact details of the problem. Neuville and and Mikkelsen both had punctures. Meeke was fastest, followed by the Hyundai of Sordo and the Volkswagen of Latvala. Overall after SS2: 1-Meeke 40:58.4, 2-Sordo +32.7, 3-Latvala +33.9, 4-Ostberg +44.6, 5-Paddon +47.8
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h23
    [SS2] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 40:55.2 - Not too difficult and took it very cautiously not taking any risks, avoiding any big rocks.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h20
    [SS2] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 38:26.2 “I had no handbrake, in the hairpins, I had to become Scandinavian and do the flick!”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h19
    [SS2] Ott Tanak (Ford) 39:21.8 “It is really hard. There was a lot of dust in the narrow tricky section.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h17
    [SS2] Martin Prokop (Ford) 39:35.9 “It was quite difficult, visibility was difficult, low sun and a lot of dust. So difficult to find the grip.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h15
    [SS2] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 38:58.1 “Power steering, it is impossible to drive… really hard to drive.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h14
    [SS2] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 39:00.0 “All okay, I try to be clever and not attack too much at the beginning. we had a bit of dust at the end but no worries.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h13
    [SS2] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 39:39.9 “We could see the car in the distance, we radio’d for them to pull over but… First stage, we did not have a great rhythm.” - Not happy with Neuville slowing him in the stage with his dust.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h11
    [SS2] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 42:46.3 - Has rear left damage, new tyre on the rear left. Stopped in the stage but managed to continue - “Puncture, there was a big stone that I hit slightly with the rear, then we puncture. We try to continue but there was a lot of dust in the car. We stopped to change it but we lose too much time.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h08
    [SS2] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 39:09.2 - small impact on the right side, low down - “I tried to be calm, we have an engine problem like in Monte-Carlo, so the car stopped in the stage. We stopped to reset, but I did not regain any power.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h06
    [SS2] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 40:20.0 - Finished with a front right puncture, tyre down to th rim, big impact bottom left - “It is a monster but we are having a good rhythm. I made a mistake and we had a spin, big moment, we hit the left rear very hard. “
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h02
    [SS2] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) - Reported to have a front right puncture
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h01
    [SS2] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) - Reported to have stopped 46 kilometres into the stage
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h01
    [SS2] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) - Moving again
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h00
    [SS2] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) - Reports from the camera crews on the stage that Ogier’s engine is sounding very bad, like a tractor…
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 14h00
    [SS2] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) - Reported to have a front right puncture
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 13h59
    [SS2] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) - Reports in that Neuville has stopped on the stage
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 13h28
    After the opening super special stage last night, Sebastien Ogier took up his usual spot on top of the lead board… 1-Ogier 2:32.0, 2-Meeke +0.2, 2-Mikkelsen +0.2, 4-Latvala +0.3, 5-Sordo +1.0, but today the real action starts.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 13h26
    Today we have only two stages, each one done twice, finishing off the day with a super special and giving us a total of 150.64 stage kilometres.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 13h24
    Welcome to round 4 of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Argentina, live from Villa Carlos Paz, where the first stage of the day, SS2 Agua de Oro / Ascochinga (51.99 kilometres) has just gone live
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h32
    That concludes our coverage for tonight. Join us tomorrow for all the action, live from Rally Argentina.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h31
    First stage tomorrow, SS2 Agua de Oro / Ascochinga (51.99 kilometres) gets underway at 08:23 local time (CET 13:23)
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h29
    The drivers now have a 233 kilometre drive back to Villa Carlos Paz for the overnight.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h28
    After the opening super special stage of Rally Argentina, Sebastien Ogier has taken up his spot on top of the lead board… 1-Ogier 2:32.0, 2-Meeke +0.2, 2-Mikkelsen +0.2, 4-Latvala +0.3, 5-Sordo +1.0
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h25
    [SS1] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 2:32.2 “Very slippy, dusty, loads of people.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h23
    [SS1] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 2:32.0 “It is going to be a long weekend with some very tough stages. There is still some cleaning to do, but some rocks can move. I want to win it, but no more than another one.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h20
    [SS1] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 2:33.8 “Its not so bad, quite a tricky stage. We have done the stage and now a lovely 4-hour road section back to Carlos Paz.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h19
    [SS1] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 2:32.3 “It is nice to return to a rally where you have done well in the past. Not too bad, it was a bit slippy, but generally I think it went quite well.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h17
    [SS1] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 2:33.1 “I had a good start into the rally, a lot of people there, but a lot of dust as well, quite difficult to see the road. I am quite confident.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h16
    [SS1] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 2:36.3 “It’s a massive event, it is going to be very hard to judge the pace. A 50 kilometres stage with no way to judge your pace.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h14
    [SS1] Ott Tanak (Ford) 2:35.5
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h10
    [SS1] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 2:33.0 - Commented that he had difficulty seeing as there was a lot of dust.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h09
    [SS1] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 2:43.3
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h09
    We have problems with communications from the super special, but will provide updates a soon as we receive them.
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h07
    [SS1] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 2:32.2 “It was a clean run for us, no mistakes. Something to build on for the rally.”
  • Fri. 24.04.2015 / 00h04
    SS1 is live with two drivers having completed the test - Martin Prokop (Ford) 2:35.5 & Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 2:34.8
  • Thu. 23.04.2015 / 23h57
    SS1 is due to go live in 4-minutes
  • Thu. 23.04.2015 / 23h55
    Rally Argentina this year specialises on long stages, tomorrow we have a loop of only two stages done twice, however the first of these is 51.99 kilometres followed by a stage running 20.31 kilometres, giving us a total of 150.64 kilometres for the day.
  • Thu. 23.04.2015 / 23h53
    Tonight we have a super special as a prelude to the main action that starts tomorrow. A gravel track where the drivers complete two laps totalling 2.68 kilometres. There is a long road section of over 237 kilometres to and from the super special so any mistakes where the car is damaged could prove costly.
  • Thu. 23.04.2015 / 23h52
    Good evening and welcome to round 4 of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Argentina, live from Villa Carlos Paz.
  • Thu. 23.04.2015 / 18h53
    Welcome to Rally Argentina
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