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Pikes Peak
Rally Finland 2014
Rally Finland 2014
live positions :
WRC stars and legends in Helsinki

WRC stars and legends in Helsinki

The current generation of WRC stars and some of the sport’s legendary Flying Finns will gather in Helsinki on Saturday, July 26, for the inaugural Neste Oil Helsinki Battle. The organisers are expecting some 20,000 spectators. ...
2015 Rallye Monte-Carlo: Monaco-Gap-Monaco

2015 Rallye Monte-Carlo: Monaco-Gap-Monaco

The 83rd Rallye Monte-Carlo will start in Monaco on Thursday, January 22, 2015, before heading out to France’s Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Hautes-Alpes and Isère regions. The finish will be back in the Principality on Sunday, January 25, after a single attempt at ...
Rally Estonia (ERC): Tänak tastes home success

Rally Estonia (ERC): Tänak tastes home success

The auto24 Rally Estonia, round seven of the 2014 FIA European Rally Championship, was won by Ott Tänak (Ford Fiesta R5), ahead of Russia’s Alexey Lukyanuk (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X) and fellow Estonian Timmu Körge (Ford Fiesta R5). ...
ERC, Rally Estonia: a foretaste of Finland

ERC, Rally Estonia: a foretaste of Finland

In the space of just five years, Rally Estonia has become a key international fixture. The extremely fast stages in the south of the country will provide a spectacular backdrop to the expected battle between the likes of Ott Tanak, ...
Mannschaft domination

Mannschaft domination

Tuesday’s humiliating defeat of Brazil by Germany (7-1) in the first semi-final of soccer’s 2014 World Cup prompted us to take a look at the country’s domination in the world of motorsport. ...
Hyundai enters Bouffier and Sordo for Rallye Deutschland

Hyundai enters Bouffier and Sordo for Rallye Deutschland

Hyundai Motorsport will have Michelin-equipped i20 WRCs for Neuville, Sordo and Bouffier at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland (August 21-24), the first asphalt round of this year’s WRC. ...
Wednesday’s WRC notes: Poland

Wednesday’s WRC notes: Poland

Rally Poland’s post-event stories include tales of soccer and rallying, a hefty fine for Volkswagen, (extremely) fast stages and Michelin’s 270th WRC victory. ...
Ogier in command at year’s halfway point

Ogier in command at year’s halfway point

With half of the 2014 WRC completed, Sébastien Ogier tops the provisional Drivers’ standings, 50 points clear of Jari-Matti Latvala. The Manufacturers’ classification is led by Volkswagen Motorsport, with a 147-point safety margin over Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT. ...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h55
    Another good stage for Jari-Matti Latvala, extended his lead of the rally from team-mate Sebastien Ogier to 5.3-seconds. Kris Meeke has had a good run so far taking 3rd overall, but being chased by the Hyundai of Juho Hanninen. Next stage SS3 is a second running of the Lankamaa stage and goes live at 19:07 local time (CET +1)
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h53
    [SS2] Craig Breen (Ford) 5:18.9 "Very very tricky, the first stage was exceptionally tough. It is getting better now and we can try and find some more speed. I can carry so much more speed than it feels like. It will take a while but I am happy."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h52
    [SS2] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 5:11.7 "This one was certainly better, the first one we got caught in the bad weather. This one was better, but there is still a long way to go. These new stages tend to suit us better."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h48
    [SS2] Robert Kubica (Ford) 5:10.0 "You cannot compare against top drivers especially on this kind of road. We are trying to drive consistently. There is a lot to learn. We are very happy, is only two stages but I am pretty happy with my driving, I take no risks at all. The pace notes are good, I should believe in them."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h46
    [SS2] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 5:05.7 "Okay, still we lost, but it is not that easy now. Main thing is keeping the line and some times I was not able to do it. Main thing is to keep it smooth."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h45
    [SS2] Henning Solberg (Ford) 5:08.9 "Very very good, the car is good, I loved the rain on the last 9 kilometres!"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h41
    [SS2] Martin Prokop (Ford) 5:18.0 "Absolutely no feeling with the grip. I try to go clean again. I have no experience with this, no experience with these conditions. The time is not bad compared with Elfyn, but it can be better. I do not know where is the limit. Very fast."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h39
    [SS2] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 5:07.5 "The first couple of kilometres you began to see a little but marbly, also there was a bit of mud appearing, coming up through the ground. Interesting, new stage, new notes for everybody."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h37
    [SS2] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 5:11.5 "I struggle with the condition and my pace notes are too slow, so i have to always overdrive with my pace notes and this is not good for my confidence."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h35
    [SS2] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 5:09.7 - Same time as Ostberg - "They (Latvala & Ogier) are really putting quite unbelievable speed, we try to hang on but they are pulling away. Stages are still in a perfect condition, one or two corners that are a bit slippy, but not 10-seconds slippy…"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h33
    [SS2] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 5:09.7 "I don't really understand it, it is going well, but the times are **** (not good)". - Not happy with his stage times and does not understand why.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h30
    [SS2] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 5:08.1 "I am still a bit too cautious, in the fast I can still go faster. But we are building step by step. Let's see for the second run through Lankamaa if we can go faster. We take it stage by stage, I really don't trust the grip."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h29
    [SS2] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 5:02.5 - Again faster than Ogier by 2.2-seconds "Good start, very very good grip on the road, only one slippy braking. Really good grip all the time. I can see that it (rain) is not so good for the spectators but it is good for the drivers…"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h27
    [SS2] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 5:04.7 "This one was very slippery with a lot of lose gravel so I am quite happy it is in wet condition. I was hoping for that, in the first one it was raining consistently."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 16h22
    SS2 is now live with Sebastien Ogier into the test...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h48
    An interesting opening stage and it looks like being one of the first few cars on the road is a definite advantage. Next stage up is SS2 Jouhtikyla 10.36 kilometres and it goes live at 17:21 local time (CET+1)
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h46
    [SS1] Craig Breen (Ford) 12:11.7 "Definitely a baptism of fire… For some reason I cannot get a clean stage. It was like an absolute monsoon. But it is a long rally."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h44
    [SS1] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:50.7 "Caught the rain storm… For about 5-kilometres we could hardly see the road, but we are still here…"
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h42
    [SS1] Robert Kubica (Ford) 11:38.6 "It was not easy. Quite good stage to warm up. Only one junction I got in the line and got pulled into the side. We got some heavy rain 8-kilometres to the end. But okay."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h40
    [SS1] Juho Hanninen (Hyundai) 11:21.9 "Lost still some time, Jari-Matti had a good one! We have a lot of power but even so it takes some energy. Reasonable start." - Again commenting that the muddy surface is sucking the power.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h38
    [SS1] Henning Solberg (Ford) 11:35.3 "It was okay. It is raining a lot, this is how it is, I am trying my best." - It's raining again reasonably heavily...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h34
    [SS1] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:43.7 "It was really difficult, you can feel the grip, you feel you can push a lot, but sometimes it is slippy like hell… This is the weekend to try some fast line. I think the time is not bad."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h32
    [SS1] Kris Meeke (Citroen) 11:19.0 "Really quite happy, the rain before the start of the stage was something else, luckily it cleared before we started the stage. What an incredible place to drive a rally car! Not so bad, but it is a really long long rally."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h29
    [SS1] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:34.0 "I did not have the perfect one, especially at the beginning I was too slow. I feel a lot of grip in the beginning, but it is taking a lot of the power. The road is getting more and more loose. Maybe I have to do a bit better myself." - Commenting that the mud is sapping the power from the car and not getting the forward momentum.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h28
    [SS1] Mads Ostberg (Citroen) 11:29.0 "No worries, just a difficult stage. Struggling a bit to find a good grip level. The gravel colour is changing a lot and with it the grip level. I cannot do so much more. Some places for sure it is muddy and slippery. For sure I do not think it is getting faster."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h28
    [SS1] Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) 11:25.0 "Pretty good, it was a bit slippy in the end. It's okay, not too bad at all."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h23
    [SS1] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:30.5 "It's okay. It tried to keep a good speed, but there are so many places you can go so so fast… I tried my best. A clean run so far, I am quite happy with my run."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h22
    [SS1] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:17.3 - 3.1-seconds up on Ogier "It did help (the rain). In the first two corners it was slippy, but after that it was good. I could have gone faster after that, but you never know how much rain."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h21
    [SS1] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:20.4 "I could have been faster definitely, but it is raining and there were a couple of places with standing water, I was not flat out at this stage of the rally."
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h19
    There is intermittent rain on the stage so conditions are changeable...
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h18
    The first stage of the day is already live with Ogier into the test.
  • Thu. 31.07.2014 / 15h14
    Welcome to Neste Oil Rally Finland, round 8 of the 2014 FIA World Rally Championship live from Finland!
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